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■ WA 1000 / WA 1500 | GANTRY WELDING SYSTEM Automatic longitudinal welding with joint tracking system for structural beams types H, I, T, L, Hydraulic table for H beam fitting and tacking is available as option. • Automatic fillet and butt welding with joint tracking • One-man operations • Reduction of costly over-welding and decrease of filler metal usage • User friendly interface - multiple • Accepts most of welding power sources available in the market

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Technical specifications for GWS type WA 1000 / WA 1500 Length of track – X axis/ longitudinal welding Torch range in Z axis Torch range in Y axis Maximum distance between torches Max workpiece height Torch travel speed Types of welds Possibility to implement additional functionality e.g. welding length, intermittent welds Portable remote controller Device status messages Welding sources up to 90kg (198 lbs)/each can be installed on the machine * Wire feeder Possibility of changing welding parameters “on the fly” Fume extraction system (type RAS recommended) * power sources over 90kg (198...

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Examples of GWS type WA work station applications : GWS WA 1000 12 m incl. LORCH welding sources and integrated welding parameters control GWS WA 1500 18 m incl. LINCOLN ELECTRIC welding sources

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Optional equipment: Beam rotator & positioner • Max worpiece height: 1.000 mm • Flipping capacity: 5T • Working height: 25mm UPON REQUEST H-beam hydraulic assembly work-station All information is subject to change without notice. 1510 • Web 150mm -:- 1500mm, #4mm -:- #10mm • Flange min. 250mm, #6mm -:- #14mm • Length = 12 m • Work-station output up to 500 T/month PROMOTECH Sp. z o.o. ul. Elewatorska 23/1, 15-620 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND tel. (+48 85) 678 34 05, fax (+48 85) 662 78 77 marketing@promotech.eu www.promotech.eu Your local dealer:

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