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PRO - ILBS 150 MAGNETIC DRILL FEATURING IN-LINE BORING SYSTEM Magnetic drill featuring in-line boring system is designed for machining coaxial bores from 45mm to 150mm. This portable power tool is suitable for regeneration and repairing of holes in heavy constructions. Although magnetic drill featuring coaxial boring system is intended mainly for machining in-line holes it also enables typical drilling and cutting. It accepts both twist drills up to 32mm and cutters up to 100mm. Moreover tapping up to M24 is possible as well. Magnetic drill featuring coaxial boring system is fixed to machined part by means of welded nuts or fixtures. Technical data of PRO - ILBS 150 Motor 1800 W Power supply 230 V Range of diameters 45-150 mm Machining width 0,1-3,5 mm Bar diameter 35 mm Bar length 2000 mm (standard) Diameter of tool shank 12 mm Motor speeds I gear 60-140 rpm; II gear 200-470 rpm (with electronic speed control) Mode of feed Manual feed Spindle rotation Forward / Reverse PROMOTECH Sp. z o.o. ul. Elewatorska 23/1, 15-620 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND tel. (+48 85) 678 34 05, fax (+48 85) 662-78-77

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Standard equipment: Ø 35mm high quality rigid bar 2000mm long 2 centring cones round positioning plate with drill base docking station triangle holding plate 4 self-aligning flanged-housing units set of 12 mounting screws set of cutting tools with ARNO machining inserts reduction gear (A) allowing for mounting bar in any suitable place Optional equipment: Ø 35mm bars of 1000mm or 1500mm cubes for mounting on various surfaces additional plate including self-aligning flanged-housing device for precise setting of cutting tool PROMOTECH Sp. z o.o. ul. Elewatorska 23/1, 15-620 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND...

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