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PRO-60/110 HP - 1

smart tools ■or heavy tasks PORTABLE HYDRAULIC PUNCHERS J Primary features and benefits: • Double action - fully automated process of punching and return • Wide range of hole diameters up to 27mm • Modern construction • Intelligent control system with inching and automatic load detection • Mode indicator light • Protection against accidental start-up • Easy to handle in out-of-normal positions • All connecting ports located at the back • Wide range of special-shaped punches and dies • Patent pending compact moveable hydraulic power pack • Unique Gantry Punching Station increases both productivity and operator's comfort max. thickness max. throat depth max. hole max. oblong punching hole time punching double action power hydraulic movement

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PRO-60/110 HP - 2

Portable Double-Action Hydraulic Puncher Technical Specification Punching power Working pressure Max. hole Max. oblong hole Punching time Product code Double-Action Hydraulic Power Pack model HPP 700/1.5 230V/50Hz; 115V/60Hz Working pressure Pump output * Contact Promotech for other voltage options Hole diameter Hole diameter (mm) Rm < 490 MPa PRO-110 HP capacity Plate thickness (mm) Motor power Plate thickness Power supply* Plate thickness Ready to work in both vertical and horizontal positions Portable hydraulic power pack with shelf for puncher transport.

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PRO-60/110 HP - 3

Customize your work place with a variety of optional accessories. Hoist set Product code: ZUR-0517-15-00-00-0 Simple set-up and easy adjustment of height and balance control. Hoist arm and 2 supports with wheels allow for easy manipulation of punch and power pack as single unit. Unique solution which makes your work as efficient and comfortable as never before. Wheel puncher slide Product code: PRW-0507-90-00-00-0 Permits smooth and efficient lineal movement along the workpiece.

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PRO-60/110 HP - 4

Bench top stand with foot pedal Product code: ZST-0507-91-00-00-0 Neither balancer nor hoist arm is required to keep puncher in place. An operator can use start and stop bottoms on the machine or foot pedals. Foot pedal machine control in hands free operation on bench top configuration. Hydraulic Punchers tools All information is subject to change without notice. 1708 Your local dealer:

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