MCM-4000_MCM-1000 -Portable CNC Cutting Welding Machine


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5-AXIS PORTABLE CNC CUTTING/BEVELING AND WELDING MACHINE Promotech’s MCM machines are a true portable CNC cutting and welding machines. They can work on round, conical or flat surfaces as well as on multi-surface parts. These machines are designed and manufactured by Promotech and are made of highest quality European parts. MCM machines as standard are available in the configuration: • Oxy-fuel cutting kit for aperture single and double sided beveling (T Butt joints) • SAW welding • FCAW-G/MCAW welding (upon request) Options: • Plasma cutting kit • DXF data file import MCM main advantages: • Each workpiece (e.g. doorframe) can be scanned to obtain individual cutting shape • Full portability • One-man operation • Fast and easy positioning • Cutting, beveling and welding processes are performed in automated cycles • High quality welds, efficient and repeatable performance • Semi-automatic remote torch correction available • WiFi monitoring, recording and uploading (VNC connection) • Made in EU • MCM system already proven wi

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WIND TOWER - ON-SHORE APPLICATIONS / MCM-4000 MCM door frame scanning, oxy cutting/beveling and SAW welding / One-man operation. WIND TOWER - OFF-SHORE APPLICATIONS / MCM-1000

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OTHER APPLICATIONS / MCM-4000 FCAW WELDING Technical specifications Positioning: Inside (tower, vessel) Outside (tower, vessel) On the top of flat surface Effective Cutting diameter (straight cut) Cutting thickness (carbon steel) Option (recommended) Option (recommended) Working range Option: 200mm Bevel angle Number of controlled axis: Cutting: • Oxy-fuel cutting kit • Plasma ready Welding: SAW GMAW/FCAW/MCAW Menu in English, German Other languages Max torch speed in X and Y axis Weight

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MCM machines perform precise multi-surface oxy-fuel cutting and beveling. Which is then followed by ideal workpiece fit-up and high quality SAW welding. MCM machines can be equipped with an on-line monitoring software. Built-in network router enables remote access to machine interface (VNC Network) Compatible with mobile and desktop devices On-request software updates and machine diagnostics PROMOTECH Sp. z o.o. ul. Elewatorska 23/1, 15-620 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND tel. (+48 85) 678 34 05, fax (+48 85) 662 78 77 Your local dealer: All information is subject...

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