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ATEX PNEUMATIC DRILLS The drills feature combination of pneumatic drive and permanent magnetic base that eliminates the need of electric power supply thus making pneumatic drilling machines an ideal solution in many hazardous environments such as oil drilling platforms, shipbuilding or petrochemical industry. Customize your work place with a variety of optional accessories. Powerful, compact and lightweight machines enable drilling in rails by means of wide range of accessories dedicated to a variety of rail standards. Fast positioning, quick clamping and instant unlocking mechanisms make them easy to use and safe devices. ELECTRIC MOTOR RAIL DRILL RAIL DRILLING MACHINES Two models of hydraulic punchers are available together with a compact portable hydraulic power pack. MAGNETIC DRILLS RAIL DRILLS PUNCHERS PROMOTECH is an innovation driven manufacturer of professional power tools and welding automation equipment. HYDRAULIC PUNCHERS PROMOTECH SP. Z O.O. ul. Elewatorska 23/1, 15-620 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND tel. (+48 85) 678 34 95, fax (+48 85) 662 78 77 marketing@promotech.eu www.promotech.eu www.doorframewelding.com PETROL MOTOR RAIL DRILL PRO-36RH Wheel puncher slide Complete technical specifications are available at www.promotech.eu Bench top stand with foot pedal

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MAGNETIC DRILLING MACHINES Promotech is among few unique magnetic drill manufacturers who design and manufacture electric motors specifically and solely for use in magnetic drilling machines. AUTO FEED Twist drill max: 12 mm (with 3/4” Weldon Shank) Every machine produced by Promotech is lab tested and proved before shipment. Twist drill max: 12 mm (with 3/4” Weldon Shank) Our machines are reliable and precise thanks to heavy duty, rigid design including integrated gearbox housing with slide. HEAVY DUTY All information is subject to change without further notice. 1

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