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Promotech manufactures wide range of welding automation machines. Column&Booms are available in several standard or custom made versions. Depending on the type Column&Booms can be fitted with SAW SINGLE OR TANDEM, MIG/

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Column & Booms - 2

Production and tests at Promotech location in Bialystok/Poland. Installation and commissioning at Customers’ site. Column & Boom range by Promotech (standard version) 1. C&B 2X2 STATIONARY, MANUAL ROTATION MOBILE, MANUAL ROTATION STATIONARY, MANUAL ROTATION MOBILE, MANUAL ROTATION 1. Semi-automatic Cross-slide with automatic seam tracing system 2. Swivel system for welding 3A. Visual system for SAW incl. camera for SAW/ 1 unit STATIONARY, MANUAL ROTATION MOBILE, MANUAL ROTATION Available options: 3B. Visual system for GMAW incl. camera for GMAW/ 1 unit 4. Laser pointer STATIONARY, MANUAL...

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Column & Booms - 3

Half Gantry Beam and Tank Welding System C&B type WA with LINCOLN ELECTRIC PW AC/DC 1000 SD Standard Column & Boom with ESAB Aristo 1000 AC/DC Optional equipment includes: camera system for GMAW/ SAW, automatic correction of welding gun position or remote control. Integration with various power sources controller - here: process START/STOP from C&B control panel. All our Column&Booms are equipped with passive safety systems such as safety chains, automatic brakes on a gear motor in case of power failure. Active safety systems such as limit switches to prevent collisions are also in standard .

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Column & Booms - 4

Half Gantry Beam and Tank Welding System type WA It is a special version of Column&Boom that uses two welding heads. Suitable for SAW/GMAW/PLASMA. C&B type WA allows doing welding of long structural beams of closed profile, beams type T, H, HSI, HSQ with web height up to 1500mm and the inside/outside welding of tanks, pressure vessels with a maximum diameter up to 4500mm. Production and tests at Promotech’s factory in Bialystok - Poland. Installation and commissioning of Column&Boom at the customer’s site Dual torch Circumferential welding Column&Boom can be integrated with other equipment...

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