BM-21 Industrial Plate Pipe Beveller


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BEVELING MACHINE This new generation portable beveling machine BM-21 is one of the best tools for machining plates and pipes prior to welding. It is a beveller developed on the basis of many years of experience with highly successful predecessor model BM-20, which for many years was on the most favored tool list for many customers worldwide. Most important features include: • new single milling head equipped with 10 square inserts, that makes machining process far more efficient with little operator’s effort • fast and easy exchange of inserts with no need Special model BM-21S with lower speed motor dedicated for machining STAINLESS STEELS is now available • extended working range from 0 to 60 degrees with continuous angle adjustment • easy setting of bevel angle and bevel width • vibration insulation protects both the operator and electronics against vibration • one universal guide plate for beveling both plates and pipes replaces 3 different attachments used with BM-20

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BM-21 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Power supply Induction motor with increased start-up current Spindle speed integrated milling head with 10 square TCT inserts Beveling angle 0-60° with continuous angle adjustment Plate facing-off Plate beveling Pipe beveling BM-21 contains anti-vibration system including special shaped gripping construction with 4 dampers, enabling more comfortable operation, minimizing unwanted vibrations. reduced vibration Standard universal guide plate for beveling both plates and pipes Ø 150-300mm (6-12”) Optional guide for pipes Ø 260-600mm (10-24”) Product code:...

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