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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2019 - Volume 3: Water Treatment and Water Disinfection - 194 Pages

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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2019 - Volume 3: Water Treatment and Water Disinfection

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Product catalogue 2019 Water Treatment and Disinfection

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Issued by: ProMinent GmbH Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11 69123 Heidelberg Germany Phone +49 6221 842-0 Technical changes reserved. All previous catalogues and price lists are superseded with the release of this product catalogue. You can view our general terms and conditions on our homepage.

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Product Catalogue Volume 3 Product Catalogue Volume 3 Water treatment and water disinfection One-stop technology-independent solutions Chapter 1 UV systems for gentle and chemical-free water treatment. They are ideal for the disinfection of municipal potable water or product water in the beverage industry. UV systems ensure totally carefree swimming fun without troublesome combined chlorine in swimming pool water treatment. Ozone systems are the optimum solution if undesirable organic or inorganic substances need to be effectively removed. The reactive ozone provides...

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IoT module DULCOnnect® The DULCOnnect® IoT/Industry 4.0 module lets you securely and reliably monitor pumps, sensors, controllers and disinfection systems by smartphone, tablet or computer, independently of their location. Adjustable alarms inform users promptly by e-mail or push notification about important events and the web portal provides access to current and historical unit data at all times. The data can be exported in CSV format, as an Excel document or as a PDF report, for instance to comply with statutory documentation obligations. Flexible management of devices enables them to be...

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New Products Ozone system OZONFILT® OZVb Ozone capacity 10 – 70 g ozone/h Ozone systems OZONFILT® OZVb are pressurised systems in which compressed air is fed into the ozone generator. Ozone is generated from the oxygen content of the surrounding air, via a compressor and is inducted into the process based on demand. Ozone can now be generated in values of up to 20 g/Nm3, safely and reliably in the many demanding environments and plant room locations globally. Ozone concentrations within the water to be treated with values of between 3 and 12 ppm can be achieved using our coordinated mixing...

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New Products UV system Dulcodes LP F&B Flow up to 189 m3/h 160° Pioneering water treatment – highly efficient UV system Dulcodes LP F&B with Vario-Flux lamp and dynamic lamp heating. The reduced number of lamps and minimal use of energy deliver maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs. Optimised flow in the radiation changes results in an even dose of radiation across the entire volumetric flow. At the same time the pressure loss is kept minimal. The Dulcodes LP F&B is the first UV system to be quickly and precisely controllable over a wide temperature range. It automatically adapts...

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New Products Pressure switch-over for chlorine gas DULCO®Vaq Capacity range of up to 200 kg/h The DULCO®Vaq pressure switch-over ensures a constant supply of liquid or gaseous chlorine to the system. It guarantees secure and reliable switch-over between two chlorine storage tanks. The pressure switch-over consists of two electrical motorised valves, one or two pressure sensors and one proprietary control. Depending on the pressure detected, the valves switch fully automatically from an empty to a full chlorine storage tank. ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ Safe handling by means of automatic operation and pressure...

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Water Treatment and Water Disinfection 1 Disinfection Systems and Oxidation Systems    1-1 1.1.2 Performance Overview of Dulcodes UV Systems    1-4 1.1.7    UV    System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic    1-13 1.2.2 Performance Overview of Ozone Systems    1 -24 1.2.3    Questionnaire on the Design of an Ozone System    1-25 1.2.4    Ozone system OZONFILT® OZVb    1-26 1.2.5 System Solution OZONFILT® Compact OMVb    1-30 1.2.6    Ozone System OZONFILT® OZMa    1-32 1.2.7 Accessories and Spare Parts for Ozone Systems    1 -41 1.3    Bello Zon® Chlorine Dioxide Systems    1 -48 1.3.1    Chlorine...

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Contents Water Treatment and Water Disinfection 1.5.8    Chlorine Gas Metering System DULCO®Vaq    1-111 1.5.9    Vacuum Switch-Over for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq    1-112 1.5.10    Pressure Switch-Over for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq    1-114 1.5.12    Flow Meter for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq    1-117 1.5.13 Automatic Emergency Shut-Off System for Chlorine Gas DULCO®Vaq    1-118 1.5.17    Accessories for Room and Safety Equipment    1-124 Metering Systems 2.1 Polymer Preparation and Metering Systems Ultromat®, PolyRex and POLYMORE 2.1.1 Polyelectrolytes in Water Treatment 2.1.2 Performance Overview...

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Disinfection Systems and Oxidation Systems 1.0.1Product Catalogue 2019 1Disinfection Systems and Oxidation Systems General Notes on UV Treatment Disinfection is a key stage in modern water treatment. UV disinfection is used to an ever increasing extent, as a safe, chemical-free and reliable disinfection process. Extensive research projects and numerous trouble-free operational systems prove the safety and reliability of UV disinfection. With UV disinfection, the water to be disinfected is exposed to ultraviolet light, which involves a purely physical, chemical-free process for water...

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Disinfection Systems and Oxidation Systems Description of Dulcodes UV Systems Dulcodes UV disinfection systems essentially consist of: ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ High-quality reactor made of stainless steel (DIN 1.4404) or UV-resistant plastic Lamp protection tubes made of high-quality quartz, easily removable for cleaning purposes Lamps with an exceptionally high UV output in the 254 nm range Highly selective UV sensors with good long-term and temperature stability UV system controllers and modern electronic ballasts fitted in a control cabinet The special features of our Dulcodes UV disinfection systems...

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