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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2018 - Volume 3: Motor-driven and process metering pumps for all capacity ranges - 228 Pages

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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2018 - Volume 3: Motor-driven and process metering pumps for all capacity ranges

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Motor-driven and process metering pumps tor all capacity ranges

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Issued by: ProMinent GmbH lm Schuhmachergewann 5-11 69123 Heidelberg Germany Phone +49 6221 842-0 Technical changes reserved. All previous catalogues and price lists are superseded with the release of this product catalogue. You can view our general terms and conditions on our homepage.

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Product Catalogue Volume 3 Product Catalogue Volume 3 Motor Driven and Process Metering Pumps Performance by design Industrial applications using fluid metering technology are many and varied. They are often critical and each industry has its own specific requirements. You will find the right product here, regardless of whether you require a reliable metering pump for a routine or more complex application. Chapter 1 offers virtually all-purpose motor-driven diaphragm metering pumps for use in the low-pressure range up to a capacity of 1,000 l/h, to ensure that your...

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New Products: Motor-Driven and Process Pumps New Products: Motor-Driven and Process Pumps Upgrading of Orlita® Evolution product range using PVC and PVDF materials Capacity range: 3 – 7,352 l/h at 21 – 10 bar As highly robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps, the Orlita® Evolution with PVDF and PVC dosing heads meet the most stringent safety requirements for the capacity range 3 – 7,352 l/h at pressures up to 21 bar. They stand out, among other things, thanks to their PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system and diaphragm position...

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Motor-Driven and Process Pumps for all Capacity Ranges page 1.0 Overview of Motor-Driven Metering Pumps    1 -1 1.1    Motor-Driven metering pump Vario C    1-3 1.1.1    Motor-Driven metering pump Vario C    1-3 1.1.2    Identity Code Ordering System for VAMc    1-5 1.2    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 1    (Basic Type)    1-7 1.2.1    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 1 (Basic Type)    1-8 1.3    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 1    (Control Type)    1-15 1.3.1    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 1 (Control Type)    1-15 1.4    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 2    (Basic...

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Contents Motor-Driven and Process Pumps for all Capacity Ranges    Seite 2.2    Diaphragm Metering Pump Makro TZ    2-10 2.2.1    Diaphragm Metering Pump Makro TZ    2-10 2.2.2 Identity Code Ordering System for TZMb    2-12 2.3    Diaphragm Metering Pump Makro/ 5    2-16 2.3.1    Diaphragm Metering Pump Makro/ 5    2-16 2.3.2 Identity Code Ordering System M5Ma    2-18 2.4    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Hydro/ 2    2-21 2.4.1    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Hydro/ 2    2-21 2.4.2    Identity Code Ordering System HP2a    2-24 2.5    Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Hydro/...

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Motor-Driven and Process Pumps for all Capacity Ranges page 2.17    Plunger Metering Pump Meta    2-99 2.17.1 Plunger Metering Pump Meta    2-99 2.17.2    Identity Code Ordering System for MTKa    2-102 2.18    Plunger Metering Pump Makro TZ    2-104 2.18.1    Plunger Metering Pump Makro TZ    2-104 2.18.2    Identity Code Ordering System TZKa    2-107 2.19    Plunger Metering Pump Makro/ 5    2-109 2.19.1    Plunger Metering Pump Makro/ 5    2-109 2.19.2    Identity Code Ordering System for M5Ka    2-112 2.20    Plunger Metering Pump Orlita® Evolution 1    2-115 2.20.1    Plunger Metering...

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1.0 Overview of Motor-Driven Metering Pumps 1.0.1 Selection Guide 1.0.1Product Catalogue 2018 ProMinent offers an extensive range of metering pumps with a capacity rating of up to 1,000 l/h. All oscillating positive-displacement pumps feature a leak-free, hermetically sealed metering chamber and an identical operating structure. Applications General: Chemical metering up to 1,000 l/h Potable water treatment: Metering of disinfectants Cooling circuits: Metering of disinfectants Waste water treatment: Metering of flocculants Paper industry: Metering of additives Plastics production: Metering...

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1.0.2 Installation Options The smooth operation of metering systems depends not only on choosing the correct model for your application, but also on the correct installation of application-specific accessories. The drawing below illustrates a variety of accessory components, not all of which will be required for every plant, but which give an overview of what can be achieved in practical terms. We are always at your service, to help you choose the right accessories for your processing application, and to provide any additional technical advice (e.g. calculating pipework requirements). 1...

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1.1.1 Motor-Driven Metering Pump Vario C Vario C The basic pump for simple applications Capacity range 8 - 76 l/h, 10 - 4 bar The motor-driven metering pump Vario C delivers a high level of process quality for continuous metering within simple metering tasks. It can be used, for example, in the metering of additives or flocculants in chemical metering. With 4 gear reduction ratios, 2 dosing head sizes and 2 dosing head materials, the Vario C motor-driven metering pump is well adapted to basic metering tasks. It is available with a three-phase or single-phase AC motor. Its pump capacity is...

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