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Product Overview 2017 - 1

Product overview 2017 Products for chemical fluid handling, water treatment and water disinfection

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Product Overview 2017 - 2

You can find individual catalogues for downloading or for online browsing at Or request your personal printed copy directly from us at You can also install the ProMinent App for iPhones and iPads. You can find the app in the iTunes app store or at Inventive, progressive and global 4 6 9 15 17 The foundation of ProMinent's global success story is high-quality products based on decades of engineering expertise, an in-depth understanding of applications and continuous innovation. The group of...

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Product Overview 2017 - 3

Metering pumps, components and metering systems The all-rounders: metering pumps and metering systems How do metering pumps work? Most metering pumps are oscillating displacement pumps. An exactly defined volume of liquid is drawn into the displacement body on the reciprocal stroke and forced into the metering line on the compression stroke. The pump settings can be changed to achieve consistently accurate metering. Microprocessor technology since 1988 The accurate control of the pumps is made possible by microprocessor technology. Sophisticated monitoring functions ensure operational...

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Product Overview 2017 - 4

Metering pumps, components and metering systems Overview: low-pressure metering pumps Solenoid driven metering pumps are available in capacities ranging from 0.74 to 75 l/h at a back pressure of 25 to 2 bar. To be able to meter almost any liquid chemicals, ProMinent uses a very extensive range of materials. Motor driven metering pump alpha Solenoid driven metering pump Beta® Precision plunger metering pump mikro delta® Pneumatic metering pump Pneumados The motor driven metering pump alpha is the metering pump for liquid media and the optimum solution for simple applications. Robust,...

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Product Overview 2017 - 5

Metering pumps, components and metering systems Overview: storage tanks, transfer and peristaltic pumps Pump Guide Storage tanks  Specify pump capacity in litres per hour [l/h]  Specify back pressure in bar  Find the intersection of these two values and  select the pump type that is nearest to it The choice of pumps is huge: 80 industries, 100,000 products and infinite applications. To make it easy to find your ideal metering pump, ProMinent designed the Pump Guide. All it takes is a few clicks to find a selection of suitable models. ProMinent also offers standard...

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Product Overview 2017 - 6

Metering pumps, components and metering systems Chemical transfer pumps ProMinent chemical transfer pumps are used to pump liquids from container A to container B. Different media have very different chemical properties, so the pumps need different functional principles. ProMinent engineers work hard to make sure that liquid and pump are fully compatible. They approach every application with the same ProMinent standards of maximum diligence and quality. Eccentric screw pump Spectra The eccentric screw pump Spectra meters Iqud potydectro-lyies in concentrated and dilute form. It can bo used,...

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Product Overview 2017 - 7

Metering pumps, components and metering systems Peristaltic pumps DULCO®flex Peristaltic pumps DULCO®flex are amongst the most adaptable pumps from ProMinent. They are suitable for a very wide pump capacity range. The smaller pumps of types DF2 to DF4 have been specially designed for metering tasks in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness zones. The large peristaltic pumps DFA to DFD are ideal for specific tasks, as well as for extremely high pump capacities and pressures in laboratories and in industry. All models are based on a simple operating principle and are extremely safe and...

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Product Overview 2017 - 8

Metering pumps, components and metering systems Overview: metering systems DULCODOS® Selection guide Metering systems DULCODOS® All you have to do is select the pump capacity and pressure, note the point where they intersect and the appropriate specialists at ProMinent will configure the right ProMinent peristaltic pump. The standard metering systems DULCODOS® are the result of years of application-based development at ProMinent. After all, it's not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time. With ProMinent you can reduce your costs by choosing carefully designed complete solutions....

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Product Overview 2017 - 9

Metering pumps, components and metering systems Notes Metering system DULCODOS® universal The metering system DULCODOS® universal combines carefully selected standard components with your chosen solenoid driven metering pump. This is a convenient method for the reliable metering of liquid chemicals - and is available cost-effectively and extremely quickly thanks to the preconfigured modules. ■ Pump volume according to selected pump 1 ml/h - 75 l/h, back pressure 10 - 2 bar Selection guide Metering systems DULCODOS® ProMinent responds to individual needs. The standard metering systems...

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Product Overview 2017 - 10

Measuring, control and sensor technology Intelligent metering: Measuring, control and sensor technology Precision in detail Measuring and control technology needs to deliver high performance. That includes precise sensor systems. In this way, liquid media can be metered with absolute precision. ProMinent experts are passionate about industrial process engineering. They use a combination of continuous research and their full expertise to develop pioneering innovations. If we set new standards in quality and reliability along the way, then so much the better. Strong together When all the...

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Product Overview 2017 - 11

Measuring, control and sensor technology Overview: sensor technology Selection guide for DULCOTEST® ORP sensors Monitoring a limit value or building a closed control circuit is easy with our sensors - in an enormous range of measuring applications. The product family DULCOTEST® is application-based and ensures precise measuring of a wide range of values. These measured values are delivered in real time and can be flexibly connected to the various process interfaces via bypass, immersion or installed fittings. From simple applications in water treatment through to industrial process...

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