ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2019 - Volume 1: Metering technology - 394 Pages

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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2019 - Volume 1: Metering technology

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Metering Technology

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Issued by: ProMinent GmbH Im Schuhmachergewann 5-11 69123 Heidelberg Germany Phone +49 6221 842-0 Technical changes reserved. All previous catalogues and price lists are superseded with the release of this product catalogue. You can view our general terms and conditions on our homepage.

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Product Catalogue Volume 1 Product Catalogue Volume 1 Metering Pumps, Components and Metering Systems Metering technology for professionals The heart of metering technology is quite clearly the pump. With its optimum capacity range and functionality adapted to the feed chemical, it is responsible for smooth-running metering processes. Chapter 1 Low-pressure metering pumps covers metering pumps, ranging from micro-metering pumps to pumps delivering up to 75 l/h at a maximum back pressure of 60 bar. Motor-driven metering pumps for universal use in the low-pressure range...

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Step by Step to the Right Product Metering tasks come in all shapes and sizes! Provide us with your specification and we will deliver the optimum solution! The following data sheet will help in solving your metering problem. Please enter your requirements and conditions and return it to Our Service Centre will use your data to reach the optimum result - the optimum metering pump and matching accessories for your application. Min./max. required feed rate    l/h Available power supply    _V,Hz Min./max. operating temperature    °C Properties of process chemical    _ Vapour...

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Use the identity code to determine the properties and features of your metering pump. Simply select, enter the code in the bottom row and you've configured your product! You've opted for a pump product range. It's now up to you to configure the pump exactly to meet your individual needs. First determine the pump type (1). This is based on the pump capacity you require and the back pressure present. Enter the result at the very bottom, in the grey row of the identity code. The medium to be metered is crucial when it comes to the material of the dosing head (2) and the seals (3). Once again...

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Metering Pumps also Need Accessories Metering Pumps also Need Accessories Examples of metering tasks illustrate which components and accessories can be used for different metering processes. A pump alone is often simply not enough. A metering process requires further components and accessories to optimise dosing accuracy and safet. ProMinent provides all the products you need to guarantee optimum process flows for the metering of liquids. Expertise and advice are, of course, included! 1 2 Metering pump DFMa flow meter with single stroke monitor and feedback to the...

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1 Metering pump 3 Suction assembly with level switch 4 Chemical tank 5 Drain valve 6 Stirrer 7 Timer for stirrer 12 Multifunctional valve 13 Injection valve

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Metering Technology Product Innovations Metering Technology Product Innovations IoT module DULCOnnect® The DULCOnnect® IoT/Industry 4.0 module lets you securely and reliably monitor pumps, sensors, controllers and disinfection systems by smartphone, tablet or computer, independently of their location. Adjustable alarms inform users promptly by e-mail or push notification about important events and the web portal provides access to current and historical unit data at all times. The data can be exported in CSV format, as an Excel document or as a PDF report, for...

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Metering Technology Product Innovations Designed as a smart product, it can also be connected to our web-based DULCOnneX fluid management platform. The user can use this to monitor his metering process in real time, avoid downtimes and generate reports fully automatically. ࡯ Simple adjustment of the capacity directly in l/h or in gph ࡯ Integrated pressure measurement and display for greater safety during commissioning and in the process ࡯ Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection for the simple configuration and call-up of process data (optional) ࡯ Capacity adjustment range 1:40,000 ࡯ Direct input of...

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Metering Technology Product Innovations Metering system DULCODOS® universal mini up to 75 l/h (10 – 2 bar) pump volume depending on the pump selected The metering system DULCODOS® universal mini is supplied ready connected and its small footprint enables it to be integrated simply into the process. The construction is exceptionally well laid out with the new valve block. The compact metering system is optionally available with up to two solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pumps of the product range Beta® 4 or 5, delta® and gamma/ X. It is also unbelievably simple. The system is...

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Metering Technology Product Innovations Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Evolution mikro Capacity range 3 – 23 l/h, 400 – 25 bar With a capacity range of 0.01 – 23 l/h at pressure of up to 400 bar, the hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Evolution mikro EFMa and EHMa is extremely suitable for ultra-precise micro-metering in gas metering and in filling processes of all kinds. It is also used for additive metering in the petrochemical and chemical industry. The Evolution mikro is designed in compliance with API 675, ATEX and FDA. Maximum process reliability: ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ Precise micro-metering at...

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Metering Technology 1 Low-Pressure Metering Technology    1-1 1.1.1    How to Find the Right Pump Type?    1-1 1.1.2    Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump Beta®    1-2 1.1.3    Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X    1-9 1.1.4    Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump gamma/ XL    1-16 1.2.3    Motor-Driven Metering Pump alpha    1 -25 1.2.4    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Vario C    1-29 1.2.5    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 1 (Basic type)    1-33 1.2.6 Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma X Control Type -Sigma/ 1 - S1Cb    1-39 1.2.7    Motor-Driven Metering Pump Sigma/ 2 (Basic Type)    1 -47 1.2.8...

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