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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2018 - Volume 4: Water treatment and water disinfection - 190 Pages

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ProMinent® Product Catalogue 2018 - Volume 4: Water treatment and water disinfection

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Water treatment and water disinfection

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Issued by: ProMinent GmbH lm Schuhmachergewann 5-11 69123 Heidelberg Germany Phone +49 6221 842-0 Technical changes reserved. All previous catalogues and price lists are superseded with the release of this product catalogue. You can view our general terms and conditions on our homepage.

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Product Catalogue Volume 4 Product Catalogue Volume 4 Water Treatment and Water Disinfection A clear case of disinfection Hygienically pure water is one of the greatest challenges of our time. With ProMinent® products and systems - combined with our many years of practical experience - we have developed application-based solutions for a range of different industries. They are characterised by their outstanding handling of natural resources, minimal operating costs and maximum efficiency. Chapter 1 offers UV systems for the gentle and chemical-free disinfection of...

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Electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® IIa Output of 30 – 300 g/h sodium hypochlorite The new CHLORINSITU® IIa combines the proven and durable design of the open electrolysis cell with an innovative design. An exceptional quality of hypochlorite solution is achieved when the salt and power output is increased. The chlorate content of the product is significantly below the limit value specified in EN 901. All relevant system components are accommodated in a compact and space-saving housing. Integral hydrogen discharge enables the system to be installed without any need for specific ventilation...

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New Products Automatic chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq Capacity: 12 g/h – 15 kg/h The automatic chlorine gas metering system DULCO®Vaq type PM 3610 C is fitted in the vacuum system between the vacuum controller and injector. The chlorine gas flow is automatically adjusted. A stepper motor controls an ultra-precise V-nozzle, enabling a linear control characteristic over a wide range. Control is by means of external control, such as analogue signals, 0/2 - 10 V, Modbus or by manually setting on the device’s keypad. Opening and operating statuses are signalled externally by analogue and...

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Water Treatment and Water Disinfection 1.2 Performance Overview of Dulcodes UV Systems    1 -4 1.2.1 Notes on Planning and Designing an UV System    1-5 1.4    UV System Dulcodes LP    1-7 1.5    UV system Dulcodes LP certified    1-9 1.6    UV System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic    1-11 1.7    UV System Dulcodes MP    1-13 1.8    UV System Dulcodes A    1-15 2.2    Performance Overview of Ozone Systems    2-2 2.3    Questionnaire on the Design of an Ozone System    2-3 2.4.1 OZONFILT® OZVa 1-4 Ozone Generation Systems (Process Gas - Air)    2-5 2.4.2 OZONFILT® OZVa 5-7 Ozone Production...

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Contents Water Treatment and Water Disinfection 3.8    Chlorine Dioxide System Bello Zon® CDKc    3-18 3.8.1    Identity Code Ordering System for CDKc Systems    3-20 3.8.2    Maintenance Kits for Bello Zon® Type CDK Chlorine Dioxide 4.3    Questionnaire on the Design of an Electrolysis System    4-3 4.4    Electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® IIa    4-4 4.4.1 Identity code ordering system for electrolysis systems CHLORINSITU® IIa    4-5 4.5    Electrolysis System CHLORINSITU® II    4-6 4.6    Electrolysis System CHLORINSITU® III    4-8 4.7    Electrolysis Systems CHLORINSITU® III Compact and...

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Water Treatment and Water Disinfection 7 Polymer Preparation and Metering Systems Ultromat®, PolyRex and POLYMORE    7-1 7.2 Performance Overview of Polymer Preparation and Metering Systems Ultromat®, PolyRex and POLYMORE    7-2 7.3 Questionnaire for the Design of Polymer Preparation and Metering Systems Ultromat®, PolyRex and POLYMORE    7-3 7.4 Preparation Stations and Metering of Powdered and Liquid Polymer Solutions Ultromat®    7-4 7.4.1    Application Example for a ULFa Polymer Preparation System 7-4 7.5    Metering System Ultromat® ULFa    7-5 7.5.1 Identity Code Ordering System for...

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UV Systems Dulcodes General Notes on UV Treatment 1.0.1Product Catalogue 2018 Disinfection is a key stage in modern water treatment. UV disinfection is used to an ever increasing extent, as a safe, chemical-free and reliable disinfection process. Extensive research projects and numerous trouble-free operational systems prove the safety and reliability of UV disinfection. With UV disinfection, the water to be disinfected is exposed to ultraviolet light, which involves a purely physical, chemical-free process for water disinfection. UV-C light in particular, with a wavelength ranging from 240...

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UV Systems Dulcodes Description of Dulcodes UV Systems Dulcodes UV disinfection systems essentially consist of: ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ ࡯ High-quality reactor made of stainless steel (DIN 1.4404) or UV-resistant plastic Lamp protection tubes made of high-quality quartz, easily removable for cleaning purposes Lamps with an exceptionally high UV output in the 254 nm range Highly selective UV sensors with good long-term and temperature stability UV system controllers and modern electronic ballasts fitted in a control cabinet The special features of our Dulcodes UV disinfection systems are: ࡯ Uniform UV dose...

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UV Systems Dulcodes Dulcodes UV Controllers Compact controller Compact unit for the control of all functions of the UV system. The control can be selected for single lamp systems of the Dulcodes LP product range. The display alternately shows the current UV-intensity, the operating hours and the number of lamp activations. The compact controller informs the operator if values fall below freely programmable safety and warning thresholds. Different functions, such as start rinsing, interval rinsing, stagnation rinsing and post-burning time can be freely set on demand. The control has the...

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