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T SERIES MULTI-STATION DEBURRING MACHINE Machine Overview The T Series is a fully automatic multi-station set of deburring machines that adopts dry brushers to deburr. It has wide application in multi-point complex parts deburring. In addition, it adopts PLC to control the equipment. The Overall working process is fully automated. The technological parameters of the brush can be programmed, and the brush compensates automatically. The technical parameters of each station are controlled independently. The stations adopt a slewing system. Autorotation of the parts and rotation of the turntable are controlled by different motors and can be synchronized with the fixtures, forming multi-axis complex tool path and deburring in a fixed-point manner. Overall protection and fault self-diagnosis of the equipment are compiled European standards. © Unique deburring technology Q High efficiency Q Low failure rate © Good compatibility with various kinds of parts © Matured technology, cost-effective © Can be customized based on customer’s requirements

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