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Process Analyzers CDP301 Condumax Dew-Point Tester Manual hydrocarbon and water dew-point tester for natural gas. Highlights • Fundamental cooled-/chilled-mirror dew-point measurement principle • High-definition color LC display • Visual identification of both water and hydrocarbon dew point • Automatic mirror cooling rate control according to ISO 6327 and ASTM D1142 test methods for natural-gas dew-point measurements • Self-contained, rechargeable battery powered • Exd certified IECEx ATEX Zone 1, Class I Division 1/Zone 1, IIB+H2 T3 • 100 barg (1450 psig) operating pressure rating • Greater than 60 °C (140 °F) measurement depression range (up to 100 barg/1450 psig pressure) • Better than ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F) accuracy of mirror surface measurement Applications • Natural Gas Processing • Transmission Pipeline Checking • Sour Natural Gas • Validation of online analyzers

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Process Analyzers Hydrocarbon Dew Point: A Critical Natural Gas Quality Parameter For natural gas producers, pipeline operators, and direct contract buyers, hydrocarbon dew point is difficult to measure and control. It is vital to avoid custody transfer disputes, which can result in shut-ins due to today’s tighter contractual limits. Since 1986, the direct chilled mirror technique incorporated in the Michell Instruments Condumax II is the definitive method of measuring hydrocarbon dew point, and is preferred by most gas producers, pipeline operators, and direct contract buyers around the...

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CDP301 Accessories Fully portable measurement, ready to use in minutes The CDP301 is housed in a cast aluminum alloy Exd enclosure suitable for 5/8'' - 11 UNC tripod mounting and bench-top operation, using the optional Michell Instruments bench-top stand. The Tester is a battery-powered field-portable device, with up to 8 hours' battery life and with the ability to swap in a spare battery if required*. A full range of options is available to ensure the instrument can be easily transported and set up at site, ready to use in minutes. *Charging and replacement of the batteries MUST be carried...

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Process Analyzers Technical Specifications Hydrocarbon & Water Dew-Point Measurement Measuring technique Chilled mirror Sensor cooling Automated cooling ramp rate selectable according to ASTM D1142 or ISO6327 measurement practice Maximum range Sample flow EARTH/GROUND CONNECTOR Pressure Measurements HCDP & WDP MPa, barg, psig GAS OUTLET 1/8"FNPT INTO FLAME ARRESTOR Dew-Point Tester FLOW RESTRICTOR 1/8" FNPT INTO FLOW RESTRICTOR Operating pressure Sample supply pressure Operating environment Power supply Rechargeable Li-ion battery, up to 8 hours' life from full charge Display & user...

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