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PUC Colloid Technology

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invented and built to last Emulsifying Homogenising Micro-comminution De-agglomeration Dispersing Dissolving

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PUC Colloid mill PUC Colloid Mills PUC colloid mills are robust, tried and tested solutions with high operational availability over a long life cycle. Around the world, users in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and lubricant industries count on PUC’s experience and unique knowhow, gained over decades. In laboratories, pilot plants and production PUC colloid mills are used for the following technical processing tasks: • micro-comminution • homogenising • dispersing • denodulisation • emulsifying organic and inorganic substances with a wide range of viscosity. PUC colloid mills...

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PUC colloid mills Power Dimensions (mm) (kW) L W H Table of dimension / Dimensions are approx. values!

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PUC Colloid mill PUC Colloid Mills The modular technical design allows for an optimal adaptation to the performance requirements and to the product to be processed. The colloid milling sets consist of stator and rotor with different teeth according to the particular products. Stator Eddy zone Due to the different taper of the splined conical face of the rotor and stator, a shrinking annular gap results in the direction toward the outlet cross-section. This is infinitely adjustable for all machines, even standard machines, via a locking collar and scale. High shear, compressive and friction...

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All components touching the product, material 1.4404/AISI 316 L and DIN 1.4571/AISI 316 Ti. PUC colloid mills are designed and configured compliant with GMP guidelines and are CIP capable. They correspond to the current accident prevention regulations according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Special process and product-related options, e.g. • automatic adjustment of the mill gap • connections: tri-clamp, special flanges etc. • heatable and coolable mill housing • explosion-protected motors (ATEX, EEx de) supplement the standard PUC range. In terms of design, PUC colloid mills are...

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to crush chunky products, as well as for pre-milling and pulping and mashing of, e.g., fruits and vegetables of different types and varieties and with moist consistency. The product is fed by a hopper or inline via worm or The axial-fed product is crushed by the interaction of the four-blade rotating cutter bar and the fixed perforated disc. The crushed product is discharged from the milling chamber by an impeller. The diameter of the holes in the perforated disc is set depending on the base product and the desired grinding level. Related to this, the perforated discs are available with...

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PUC VibroreactorThe PUC Vibroreactor is universally used in different industries. The PUC Vibroreactor is universally used in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries for • crushing • homogenising • denodulisation • emulsifying of organic and inorganic substances with low to high viscosities. The principle of the PUC vibroreactor is based on a three-stage rotor/stator system. Stage 1 is formed by a rotating impeller or teethed blades with a fixed base as a cutting edge. This causes high axial velocity and • pre-disintegration of products with fibrous...

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PUC Colloid Technology PUC Colloid Technology Products and Range of Applications Applications Hygiene and sterility are the decisive criteria for the use of our machines and for good and safe products and results. PUC Perforated Disc Mill Emulsifying, dispersing, crushing, homogenising and suspending from liquid to highly viscous products Homogeniser for continuous homogenisation and dispersion Crushing of chunky products with moist consistency Range of Applications of PUC Machines Cosmetic Industry Bath additives Creams Lotions Ointments Toothpastes Chemical Industry Soaps Emulsions Face...

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