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MEGAPLUS product brochure pdf

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Industrial Imaging Cameras High resolution Low noise High dynamic range Unparalleled sensitivity

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MEGAPLUS brand cameras are renowned worldwide for producing unmatched image quality and delivering the most accurate results, in applications ranging from surveillance and critical inspection to major motion picture film production. Princeton Instruments (PI) is proud to bring decades of experience in low-noise electronics and digital camera technology to the MEGAPLUS brand of cameras. PI is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of highperformance light detection systems for spectroscopy, scientific imaging and X-ray applications, and is recognized as the industry leader in the...

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Choosing the Right Camera There are many factors to consider when selecting a digital camera. On the following pages we will explain the most important criteria in a digital camera system. Understanding these camera parameters will ensure the digital camera you select will best satisfy the requirements of your application. Sensitivity The sensitivity of a camera is a measure of its ability to detect the lowest light level. Cameras with high sensitivity are best because they can be used in a wider range of applications. The graphs below represent the camera's response to both the visible...

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Cooling the sensor in a digital camera results in lower dark current. Typically, relative dark current is halved for every 7°C drop in sensor temperature. Noise is any unwanted signal either from the captured light, called photon shot noise, or added by the imaging process. Noise can be related to the camera's electronics, or to its sensor, where it can be classified as noise from the readout amplifier or thermal noise resulting from the sensor's temperature. A camera with low noise is ideal for applications with a wide range of illumination conditions. MEGAPLUS cameras are designed to...

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MEGAPLUS Cameras System Features at a Glance • On-board flat-field normalization • Advanced color management (internal Bayer de-multiplexing) • Anti-blooming control • Customer LUT download option MEGAPLUS cameras offer multiple data interfaces including Firewire, CameraLink and GigE Vision. • Double trigger exposure Data Interface • Binning (2x2, 3x3 and 4x4) and partial scan Throughput requirements must be considered before selecting an appropriate data interface. For example, an 11 megapixel monochrome camera running at 4.5 frames per second needs an interface that is capable of 50...

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The MEGAPLUS Advantage MEGAPLUS, the world’s leading digital imaging camera platform, provides: • Outstanding image quality and detail • Thermoelectric cooling to reduce sensor temperature and minimize dark current • Flexible programmability and industry-leading automation & integration capabilities • Reliability Reduced Sensor Temperature Traditional camera designs integrate image acquisition electronics and sensors in a very close space, increasing heat/dark noise which deteriorates image quality. The innovative, passive, thermoelectric cooling design of MEGAPLUS cameras removes all the...

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MEGAPLUS EM cameras in a line MEGAPLUS EM cameras in a 2x2 stack Miniature EM11000 cameras can easily be installed in space-constrained environments. Since a single controller can operate multiple cameras, these cameras are also ideal when image acquisition needs to be tightly synchronized. Reliability Reliability begins with design, and is incorporated into every camera detail. MEGAPLUS cameras are ready to tackle the harshest environments - from precise thermal management contained in the rugged housing, to grueling tests conducted by our expert engineers and production managers, to...

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Camera Selection Chart Camera Pixel size Sensor size (Diagonal) Frame rate @ full resolution (CameraLink) All cameras can be operated by multi-head or single-head controllers. Field of View Comparison (actual sensor sizes shown) | USA +1.877.474.2286 | EUROPE +44 (0) 1628.472346 GERMANY +49 (0) 89.660.779.3 | CHINA +86 10 8252.5122 JAPAN +81.3.5639.2741 | ASIA/PACIFIC +65.6408.6240 We continue to expand the MEGAPLUS product portfolio. Please visit for the most current product information.

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