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Established in 1978, Prevost has built its activity around a range of products for compressed air distribution, including our flagship product, the push button quick coupling. We have regularly extended our range around this product to cover all fluid distribution needs (compressed air, water, oil, gases). The Prevost catalogue today contains all the items needed for connection, distribution and treatment of fluids. General Catalogue We work continuously to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of our products, to meet growing market expectations and requirements. Innovation and safety are at the heart of Prevost’s product development strategy. Accordingly many of our products are patented, and comply with various international standards (ISO, EN, DIN). Our know-how is applied to serve all users of pneumatic and hydraulic energy in industry, the automotive sector including garages and body shops, public works, wood, welding, agriculture, food processing, road services… the list is endless.

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AN ENERGETIC COMPANY, SERVING ITS DISTRIBUTORS A responsive sales department at your service Prevost’s sales department employs qualified sales engineers, experienced in fluid technologies. Each sales engineer covers a particular region and works with a network of professional distributors. Our in-house technical and sales advisors assist you with the purchasing process and answer your technical, administrative and commercial questions. Efficient logistics The entire logistics process is managed in real time via mobile terminals connected wirelessly to the central management system,...

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General Catalogue Coupling profiles for different regions

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Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings Bsiosl PREVO si csioel Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings Safety quick couplings PREVO S1 Metal (/S/ // PREVO S MSC 06 PREVO S KG // page : 37 J page : 40 - 41 page : 42 - 43 J Standard quick couplings Standard quick couplings Metal standard quick couplings PROLAC IRC08\ PROLAC ORG 08 PROLAC IRM06 Push-in fittings Metal push-in fittings INOX push-in fittings Quick couplings for fluids Quick couplings for water Safety couplings for welding...

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Pipes and fitings ALR concept page : 176 - 186 Wall fasteners Prevo S1 page : 180 - 181 Connection hoses page : 186 Pipes and fitings PVR concept page : 192 - 202 Safety pressure valves page : 205 - 206 Hose reels air, water, grase, oil, welding page : 211 - 225 Cable reels Polyurethane and Polyamide tubes page : 238 - 241 Hose coils Extension hoses Spiral hoses Spray gun Vacuum cleaners page : 280 - 281 Tyre inflators Wash guns Paint spray guns Energy boxes Pneumatic grease pumps and oil pumps page : 307 - 310 Blow guns page : 275 - 280 Dry equipment for paints page : 298 Balance reels...

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SAFETY QUICK COUPLINGS EXPERTISE AT THE SERVICE OF SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE PREVO S1 couplings represent the latest generation of pneumatic connection mechanisms. They provide a fully safe response to the most demanding of operator requirements: leaktightness, flow rate, speed of connection and disconnection Safety couplings are installed on air sources, on which connecting air hoses may generate whiplash. General Catalogue

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Push-button system Safety fully built-in for intuitive and natural use. The connection profile is indicated by the colour of the button. Pressure release mechanism avoids any risk of accidents when ejecting the adaptor on uncoupling. To disconnect, a single press on the button instantly releases the downline pressure in the pipe and uncouples the adaptor. Coupling compliant with ISO 4414 and DIN EN 983 standards to guarantee user protection. Optimal flow rate Allows maximum effeciency of pneumatic systems and tools. Perfect leaktightness The excellent hold of the tip inside the coupling...

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QUALITY AND EXPERTISE AT T H E H E A R T O F D E S I G N POLYMER RANGE Construction - Body: composite polyester material - Other components: steel with RoHS-* compliant anti-corrosion treatment, or aluminium - NBR O-ring for thread seal Pressure and temperatures - ervice pressure range S 2 to 12 bar (not suitable for vacuum) - Temperature: 15 to 70°C Ultra-lightweight 74 g for couplings with 6 mm ID passage (hose outlet) 113 g for couplings with 8 mm ID passage (hose outlet) Anti-static Prevo S1 couplings ensure electrical conductivity. Ease of coupling < 80 N at 6 bar for couplings with 6...

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METAL RANGE Coupling force at 6 bar: < 160 N at 6 bar Unit of measurement N = Newton - Body: 17% chromium stainless steel - NBR O-ring for thread seal - Locking: steel with anti-corrosion treatment - Other components: steel with RoHScompliant anti-corrosion treatment, or aluminium Construction standards Prevo S1 couplings comply with: - the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/CE - the safety requirements of the ISO 4414 standard - the European RoHS directive 2002/95/CE Pressure and temperatures - Service pressure range 2 to 16 bar (not suitable for vacuum) - Temperature: 15 to...

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Safety quick couplings European profile 7.2 - 7.4 mm ( tainless steel version) S British profile Truflate profile Truflate profile Truflate profile General Catalogue

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implantation type Cylindrical tapping PREVOST HIGH-QUALITY ADAPTORS Material: Steel, withstands scratches and corrosion. Prevost adaptors comply with the European RoHS directive 2002/95/CE Male cylindrical thread - BSP gas - Built-in gasket - International standard ISO 228/1 Conical male thread High quality machining ensures that Prevost adaptors are a perfect fit for their couplings, and ensure that the coupling and adaptor system is safe and durable under even the harshest conditions of use. - BSP gas - merican thread standard ANSI/ A ASME B 1.20.1 (North-American market) Hose coupling...

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QUICK RELEASE SAFETY COUPLINGS ONE PUSH - ESI 07 Safety avoids hose whip Construction Composite Weight 86 g (coupling for 13 mm hose) Colour Black / Green Flow rate at 6 bar 1 820 l/min - DP = 0,6 b Female thread coupler Parallel male thread coupler Hose stem coupler Threaded swivel coupler Tapped swivel coupler 360° rotation in 2 axes 176.3 32.25 128,6 Female thread twin coupler 150 Male thread twin coupling

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