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MICRO AIR FILTERS MICRO AIR filters eliminate various harmful agents, solid particles, liquid particles and oil aerosols contained in compressed air, with a filtration efficiency greater than 99.99%. They guarantee high-quality air with low pressure drops. Micro Air filters are designed and constructed to: Deliver the level of filtration required to ensure quality work Extend element service life Lower pressure drops Ease installation and maintenance Range of flow rates: 34 m3/h to 2,549 m3/h G 1/4 to G 3 tapped connections Micro Air filters are made using 100% silicone-free materials The...

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1 Quality filter media 4 High-accuracy pressure gauges fitted as standard The filter element medium consists of several components: The pressure gauges indicate pressure drops and enable at-a-glance filter element condition checks. The pleated main medium is made of HEPAgrade borosilicate glass microfibre and has a filtration surface area 4.5 times larger than that of conventional media The needle moves to the red area when the filter element is completely clogged and requires changing (pressure drop equivalent to at least 400 mb). Compared with conventional elements, it reduces pressure...

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OPERATION MFM FILTERS Mechanical filtration The filter removes suspended particles, traps them in the filter media and directs them into the bowl to be drained. Automatic float drain ………………………… G 1/4 to G 2 models Electronic level-controlled drain …………… G 2½ to G 3 models MFM filter: Traps all liquid and solid particles of a size greater than 1 µ - General preparation at the head-end of the system Removes over 99.999% of solid particles and over 80% of suspended oils - Postfiltration for adsorption dryers (dust lter) - Prefiltration for submicron filters Ensures a residual oil content of...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MFM filters Mechanical filtration MFB filters Submicron coalescing filtration MFC filters Activated carbon Adsorption filtration Particle size* Residual oil content at 20°C and 1 bar absolute Automatic float drain, Electronic drain from G 2½ model Automatic float drain, Electronic drain from G 2½ model Filter types ISO 8573-1:2009 air quality class Particle retention Oil retention Min./max. temperature Minimum working pressure Maximum operating pressure Inlet differential pressure: Δ P Dry air Δ P Wetted air Element colour Condensate draining Replacement frequency:...

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FILTRATION ASSEMBLIES FOR BODY SHOPS: MBR – MBC – MBCR (product codes on pages 9-10) To obtain a quality paint finish, air must be free of dust, oil and silicone. Special filtration assemblies for water-based paint spray guns: Excellent filtration for quality paint finishes Contaminants flushed out by automatic float drain Assemblies delivered sealed with: - wall bracket - air outlet quick couplings Depending on the model: - pressure regulator with pressure gauge - activated carbon filter The regulator adjusts the pressure supplied to the gun. It is fitted with a pressure gauge with a glass...

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Typical standard shops Compressor Tank Standard small-industry and auto repair shops Paint and body shops Protection of refrigerated dryers/Storage of dry, dust-free air Protection of adsorption dryers/Storage of air free of dust, water and oil MFB submicron oil removal filter

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MFM SERIES - MICRON FILTER Filtration 1µ Clog indicator MFM basic filtration - Filtration threshold : 1 µ Female thread Replacement filter cartridge Filtration threshold : 1 µ Oil separation < 0,5 ppm 113,6 205,5 171,4 102,0 MFB SERIES - SUB-MICRON FILTER Filtration 0,01 µ Clog indicator MFB Submicron filter - Coalescing filter 0.01 µ Female thread Replacement filter cartridge Filtration threshold : 0,01 µ Oil separation: 0,01 ppm 113,6 205,5 171,4 102,0 MFBC 206 MFBC 207 MFBC 208 MFBC 209 MFBC 210 MFBC 211 MFBC 212 MFBC 213 MFBC 214

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MFC SERIES - ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER Oil separation 0,004 mg / m3 Adsorbs and eliminates odours, tastes and oil vapour MFC activated carbon filtration Female thread Replacement filter cartridge Filters and deodorises compressed air For use with MFM - MFB upline Oil separation: 0,003 ppm 113,6 205,5 171,4 102,0 MFCC 302 MFCC 304 MFCC 305 MFCC 306 MFCC 307 MFCC 308 MFCC 309 MFCC 310 MFCC 311 MFCC 312 MFCC 313 MFCC 314 COMBINATION FILTER / REGULATOR BODY REPAIR WORKSHOP APPLICATION Dual-stage filtration 1µ - 0.01µ Clog indicator Flow rate in m3/h at 7 bar Combination filter regulator Automatic...

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COMBINATION FILTER / REGULATOR BODY REPAIR WORKSHOP APPLICATION Dual-stage filtration 1µ - 0.01µ Clog indicator Flow rate in m3/h at 7 bar Combination filter regulator Automatic drain With coupling With coupling Combination fitted sealed with : - 1 MFM micron filter - 1 µ - 1 MFB sub-micron filter- 0,01 µ - 1 MFC activated carbon filter - Efficiency : 99.999 % Oil separation : 0.004 mg/m3 - 1 wall bracket - 1 safety quick-coupling Filter-regulator unit eliminates silicon cratering, microbubbles, and other surface defects, ensuring quality spray painting. 50 Combination Submicron filters...

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Wall bracket Spare parts: Float drain Spare part: Electric drain Clogging indicator for filters G 1/4 to G 3/4 Maintenance kit for electric drain Spare parts: Clog indicator Differential pressure gauge for filters G 1 to G 3

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Head office : PREVOST SAS Parc d’activités des Glaisins - B.P. 208 74942 ANNECY-LE-VIEUX CEDEX - FRANCE Tél. +33 (0)4 50 64 04 45 - Fax +33 (0)4 50 64 00 10 E-mail: - MF DOC11E This document is non-contractual. Prevost reserves the right to modify the features of its range without prior notice. PREVOST - 06-2011

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