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ODS-1500 - 1

ODS-1500 1200...1500 VA DC/AC INVERTER GENERAL FEATURES: Sine wave output voltage Selectable output frequency: 50/60Hz Adjustable output voltage High input-output isolation 3000Vrms Remote inhibit Remote control via RS232 Alarm by isolated relay contacts Remote off opto-coupled Optional railway version EN50155 Fire and smoke: EN45545-2 approved Efficiency up to 91% Note: Grounding bolt implemented recently. Please check with manufacturer to confirm availability of model Specifications are subject to change without notice. These products are not intended for use as critical components in life support or nuclear

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ODS-1500 - 2

INPUT Input voltage range Maximum input ripple OUTPUT Output voltage Output frequency Load regulation Line regulation Output wave distortion THD ENVIRONMENTAL Storage temperature Operatingtemperature full load Relative humidity without condensation Emissions according SAFETY Dielectric strength: Input /output Dielectric strength: Output / ground Dielectric strength: Input / ground MECHANICAL Weight PROTECTIONS Against overloads Current andI²T limited (see overload protection) Against over-temperature Shutdown with auto-recovery Output failure alarm Isolated contact relay open when alarm...

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ODS-1500 - 3

ORDERING CODES Input voltage DC [V] Input voltage range [V] Active output power [W] Appar. output power [VA] No load input current [A] Output peak current (Iopk) 5s 10ms [Arms] [Apk] ODS–1500–71_ _–_ B Industrial version T Railway version according to EN50155 Model number Accessories must be ordered in a separated order line Powering Your Challenge

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ODS-1500 - 4

ODS-1500 1500VA DC/AC BLOCKS DIAGRAM DESCRIPTION The ODS-1500 consists of single phase sine-wave DC/AC inverters with galvanic isolation between input and output The unit allows: • Select 50 / 60Hz by means of DIP-switch. • Select local / remote (RS-232) by means of DIP-switch • Shutdown applying voltage on pins 3 and 4 of signal connector • Local signalization of Output OK by means of green LED • Local alarm. Red LED ON when: • Output current >OUTPUT CURRENT ALARM Input voltage out of margins Unit shutdowns by over-current or remote OFF • Alarm. Open contacts when output voltage is not OK...

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ODS-1500 - 5

RS232 communication port It is possible to control and monitor de unit via RS232 by means of an application tool named PAM. This application is free and can be downloaded from the Premium web side Also it is possible to control and monitor de unit directly using the protocol showed in table: Protocol configuration:ASCII code, 19200 bauds, parity none, 8 bits, 1bit stop Header Input voltage in Volts Output voltage in Volts RMS Output current in Amps RMS Output power in W Inverter state 000.0→ Inverter disabled 222.2→ Inverter blocked by overload 111.1→ Inverter blocked by overload or...

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ODS-1500 - 6

WORKING PARAMETERS Thermal protection Internal warning temperature Internal shutdown temperature Internal restart temperature after overtemperature shutdown Input voltage parameters Max. input voltage shutdown instantaneous Max. input voltage shutdown timed 0.1s Maximum star-up voltage Minimum star-up voltage Min. input voltage shutdown timed 0.1s Min. input voltage shutdown instantaneous Output voltage parameters Output voltage of short circuit or deep overload Time of start-up after shutdown by shortcircuit Number of start-up attempts afterashort circuit Output current parameters Maximum...

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ODS-1500 - 7

ACCESSORIES DESCRIPTION Contains two brackets and screws Screws included 2U 19" rack mounting tray kit It allows to install one or two units Signals female connector Powering Your Challenge

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ODS-1500 - 8

EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY The undersigned, representing the following: Manufacturer: Address: PREMIUM, S. A., C/ Dolors Aleu 19-21, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, SPAIN herewith declares that the product: Type: Models: is in conformity with the provisions of the following EU directive(s): 2014/35/EU Electromagnetic compatibility Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and that standards and/or technical specifications referenced overleaf have been applied: EN 60950-1: 2005 Safety. Information technology equipment Safety....

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ODS-1500 - 9

ANNEXE Applicable values for the different sections of the norm EN50155: 2017 4.3.1 Working altitude Ambient temperature Switch-on extended operating temp. Rapid temperature variations Shocks and vibrations load load load load load load < 100% < 100% (Without connectors handling) <75% <75% (Without Connectors handling) <37.5% <37.5% (Without Connectors handling) ST1 H1 According EN61373:2010 Category 1 class B Test Radiated emissions Conducted emissions Electrostatic discharge Radiated high-frequency Magnetic field Fast transients Limits 40dB(µV/m) Qpk at 10m 47dB(µV/m) Qpk at 10m Do not...

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