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CRS-1000 - 1

CRS-1000 1000W SINGLE OUTPUT DC/DC CONVERTERS GENERAL FEATURES: Designed according to EN50155 Fire and smoke: EN45545-2 approved High input-output isolation Adjustable output voltage Remote inhibit Remote sensing Input &Output OK LEDs Output failure alarm Input reverse polarity protection ORing FET option Different cooling options Efficiency up to 94% Specifications are subject to change without notice. These products are not intended for use as critical components in life support or nuclear systems.

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CRS-1000 - 2

CRS-1000 1000W DC/DC INPUT Input voltage range Input undervoltage shutdown Maximum allowed input ripple OUTPUT Output voltage Output voltage adjustment Vi min = 60% Vi nom Maximum remote sense ENVIRONMENTAL Storage temperature Operating temperature range Operating temperature range Natural convection Maximum Relative humidity EN61373 Category 1 class B body mounted 350.000h acc. to IEC61709 Cooling options R, V, D 250.000h acc. to IEC61709 Cooling option C Service life (at 40°C and 75% load) 20 years (Option C fan maintenance at 10 years is required) SAFETY Safety Dielectric strength...

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CRS-1000 - 3

ORDERING CODES Part Number Input voltage range [V] Maximum Input current [A] Efficiency At full load [%] CRS–1000–64_ _–_ _ _ O ORing (Optional) H Hold-up time (Optional) C Fan R Fan redundancy V Convection D Conduction Model number OPTIONS INFORMATION Letter code Fan cooling (2 fans with speed control) Fan redundancy cooling (4 fans with speed control working at half speed at full load) Convection cooling Conduction cooling Hold up time of 10ms at 1000W. Includes: • Active protection against input reverse polarity • Active inrush current limiter at < 2 · Inmax (Maximum Input current) ORing...

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CRS-1000 - 4

CRS-1000 1000W DC/DC Option C: Fan cooling Option R: Fan redundancy cooling Option V: Convection cooling Option D: Conduction cooling Powering Your Challenge

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CRS-1000 - 5

CRS-1000 1000W DC/DC BLOCKS DIAGRAM DESCRIPTION The CRS-1000 series consists of DC-DC converters with a galvanic isolation input-output and fixed switching frequency. For maximum regulation, the remote sensing terminals can be connected to the load. This will allow a power cable voltage drop of up to 0.3 V on each cable to be offset. The device is protected against overloads and short-circuits by means of a current limiting circuit. The device is also protected against reverse polarity input voltage, and the input fuse blows if an improper connection is made. Typical output characteristic...

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CRS-1000 - 6

Set the output voltage for all converters featuring a mutual difference as small as possible. Join the load outputs by using cables with a crosssection no greater than the one required and of equal length. • Power connections (input and output) Input & Output: Connectors for cables up to 16mm2 Earth M5 threaded stud For safety reasons, the following requirements must be complied with: • Provide the equipment with a protective enclosure that complies with the electrical safety directives in effect Signals connector 1 + Inhibit 2 - Inhibit within the country where the equipment is installed....

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CRS-1000 - 7

ACCESSORIES Description Signals mating connector Phoenix Contact FK-MCP 1,5/ 7-STF-3,81 Power mating connector (input) Power mating connector (output) Guiding plates for 6U subrack mounting Screws included Brackets for 6U subrack mounting Screws included Screws included Powering Your Challenge

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CRS-1000 - 8 Powering Your Challenge

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CRS-1000 - 9

EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY The undersigned, representing the following: Manufacturer: Address: PREMIUM, S. A., C/ Dolors Aleu 19-21, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, SPAIN herewith declares that the product: Type: Models: is in conformity with the provisions of the following EU directive(s): 2014/35/EU Electromagnetic compatibility Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and that standards and/or technical specifications referenced overleaf have been applied: EN 60950-1: 2005 Safety. Information technology equipment Safety....

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CRS-1000 - 10

ANNEXE Applicable values for the different sections of the norm EN50155: 2017 4.3.1 Working altitude Ambient temperature Switch-on extended operating temp. Rapid temperature variations Shocks and vibrations load load load load load load < 100% < 100% (Without connectors handling and output ripple <150mVpp) <75% <75% (Without Connectors handling and output ripple <150mVpp) <37.5% <37.5% (Without Connectors handling and output ripple <150mVpp) ST1 H1 According EN61373:2010 Category 1 class B Test Radiated emissions Conducted emissions 40dB(µV/m) Qpk at 10m 47dB(µV/m) Qpk at 10m Do not apply...

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