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smartLine SURFACE, PROFILE AND CREEP FEED GRINDING MACHINE WORK PIECES UP TO 2000 × 750 × 900 MM [L × W × H] THE NEW STANDARD IN PRECISION GRINDING Modular design High spindle power & rigidity CD Grinding possible Numerous software modules Multi-axes machining (up to 6 axes) Customization possible THE MODULAR CONCEPT SOLVES EVERY GRINDING TASK

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smartLine – THE UNIVERSAL SURFACE, PROFILE AND CREEP FEED GRINDING MACHINE Modular design for individual demands with a variety of options Customization possible High rigidity and spindle power for profile and creep feed grinding Mineral cast for high thermal stability; environmentally friendly through cold moulding process CNC swivel dresser with disc Three available table drive systems: hydraulic cylinder, belt drive and ball screw, can be combined with V/flat & linear guideways Dressing devices: Straight line, profile and NC-form dresser, swivelling dressing unit Tilt dressing unit with...

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