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Tension load cell -É Suspended hoppers for Non-Trade use only. The TVN load cell is composed of a nickel-plated steel body and is fully sealed by welded dishes. The TVN load cell is leak tight (according to IP 67) and compact. It is available in 7 capacities, namely : 50, 100, The principle used by the TVN load cell is measurement of the deformation of a beam to which a shear force is applied. It uses strain gauges installed as a Wheatstone bridge to convert the force into an electrical signal. Mechanical assembly The TVN load cell is installed using two ball joints with lock nuts*. Electrical assembly The load cell outputs a low amplitude analogue electrical signal. Therefore, some particular precautions need to be taken for the electrical connection. -É Systematically connect the shielding of the load cell in the connection box or onto the indicator. -É Keep the load cell cable away from elements that could cause serious electromagnetic disturbances. Avoid routing the power cable and measurement cable adjacent to each other. -É Keep the measurement part away from any heat source, or protect

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Technical data Weight (approximately without accessories) Mechanical characteristics ■ Load limit : 150 % of the nominal capacity ■ Breaking load : 300 % of the nominal capacity Electrical characteristics % Power supply voltage (AC or DC) 4 Shielded cable, black PVC jacket Optional assembly accessories Set of 2 ball joints for assembly in tension. Your weighing specialist- Illustrations are not contractual. Precla-Molen reserves the right to modify at any time, without prior notice, the information contained In this leaflet. E-MAIL

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