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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 1

Pressure Test Stands for: Burst Testing | Pressure Pulsation Testing | Leak Testing | Function Testing and Autofrettage Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 2

Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH | Part of the Poppe + Potthoff Group Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH develops and manufactures systems for operational and fatigue testing of components in the automotive industry and shipbuilding and in many other industries. The precision, high-performance special machines from the specialists for highpressure and testing technology are employed in research, development and production. They include systems for burst pressure and leak testing, impulse testing, autofrettage and automated testing. The company located in Nordhausen (Germany) is part of...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 3

Burst pressure test stand for the automotive / plastics industries Tubes, pipes and connections for industry use must withstand pre-defined types of pressure. To guarantee compliance with these standards, such components are put under pressure sometimes until they burst. Up until now, the available systems were limited to those utilizing pressure relay valves. This resulted in slow pressure build-up, imprecise test results and high maintenance costs. The Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau burst test stand employs a new technology that allows for identification of the burst pressure within a...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 4

Burst pressure test stand for plastic components Operational stability and lasting durability (through impulse tests) The test stand is a stand-alone system and has been specifically designed for the plastics industry. Test specimens can be easily adapted using quick couplings. In addition to this, a quick-change device allows test specimens to be mounted manually outside of the test chamber. Burst tests can be carried out using two test circles, each with a different method of operation. The wear-free fine control process allows an extremely precise pressure increase up to 50 bar. The...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 5

Operational stability and lasting durability (through impulse tests) The pulsating pressure is generated by a pressure intensifier with hydraulic drive. A hydraulic unit generates a constant hydraulic pressure of 330 bar. This pressure drives the pressure intensifier via a control valve. The pressure intensifier has a constant pressure boosting ratio and generates the high pressure through its linear motion. The control valve is a highly dynamic servo-control valve which enables very high test frequencies with precise repeating accuracy. The test pressure course is measured with a pressure...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 6

Operational stability and lasting durability (through impulse tests) Burst and pressure pulsation test stand with special application spike test Impulse / Burst pressure test stand The test stand is a stand-alone system and can be used to carry out reliable pressure tests, burst pressure tests, and pressure drop tests on components such as hydraulic hoses, brake pipes and airbags. Pressure is built up using a hydraulically driven pressure booster. In addition to this, the system can also be used to carry out pressure build-up testing up to 35 bar. A pressure sensor measures pressure to...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 7

Withstanding varying pressure Serial production and development autofrettage (with clamp changing system) Autofrettage system: Autofrettage systems serve to increase the stability of components for high and pulsating pressure applications. Poppe + Potthoff offers autofrettage systems for serial production and prototypes. High-pressure components are exposed to extremely high and low pressures. In our autofrettage system they are processed in a defined high-pressure treatment. We offer our autofrettage systems for common rail components as well as for high-pressure hydraulic tubes, gas...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 8

Compressed air amplifier stations / Hydraulic units The autofrettage system is an automated production system for serial production autofrettage of diesel injection lines. Thanks to the high level of product variability the system can be used to autofrettage various components. Retooling is carried out by changing the clamping devices. The clamping area is easily accessible from the front of the system. The operator opens a protective glass panel at the front to set up serial autofrettage. The 10 lines are inserted and removed manually. The autofrettage pressure can be programmed flexibly....

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 9

Ready-to-connect hydraulic units Leak test stands Our ready-to-connect hydraulic units and mobile pressure units / pressure generating units up to 4,000 bar have been specially designed for use in workshops. Used as pressure generators for the assembly and dismantling of oil pressure mountings (shaft-hub connection) the systems are suitable for both stationary and mobile applications. Pressure generation (regulation) for the pneumatically driven hydraulic unit is carried out manually by the operator. On request the mobile pressure unit / pressure generating unit – with electrohydraulic...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 10

Leak test stands Fields of application: Home appliances Automotive testing Cooling circuit components Pump & valve housing PPM 329 Leak test stand PPM 453 Leak test stand | Medical technology Technical specifications: Test medium: Water Drive: Fine pressure regulator Pressure: 50 bar End of production line, hydrostic pressure test Fields of application: Medical technology Sensor industry Technical specifications: Test medium: Air Drive: DNV (1:2) Pressure: 40 bar Programmable pressure ramps Compact design Seating for operator Fields of application: Technical specifications: PPM 410 Leak...

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Test Benches by Poppe + Potthoff - 11

Function test benches Function test benches Fields of application: PPM 377 Function test bench Technical specifications: Test medium: Emulsion Drive: External module Pressure: 10 bar Media temperature control: -35°C to +100°C Test parts: Water heaters Technical specifications: Test medium: Water, glycol Function test bench: To test the function of diesel injectors, nozzles, pressure relief valves, air-conditioning parts and many other pressure vessels the tightness and liquid flow are tested during different pressure load conditions. A typical application that we work on closely together...

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