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Ponsse Scorpion ENG - 2

Incredible visibility and steering, unbeatable stability, power and productivity - bearing the environment in mind and with minimum surface pressure. The PONSSE Scorpion raises productivity and Focus on the driver In the PONSSE Scorpion, the focus is truly on the driver. The eight-wheeled Scorpion offers the best possible setting for efficient and productive work. The unique crane solution offers excellent visibility in all directions, enabling smooth, flexible working whatever the conditions. Good visibility on both sides of the cabin allows for efficient and unlimited operation - the...

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Ponsse Scorpion ENG - 3

FOR THE JOB THE PONSSE C50 CRANE Completely new geometry and a unique twoarm lift boom moving over the cabin: excellent visibility and balance. Unbeatable movement geometry. Reach 10/11 m. VISIBILITY, COMFORT AND SAFETY The chassis, which is equipped with two rotating joints, follows the terrain in an unprecedented manner. The most comfortable cabin ever seen in forests guarantees that work is efficient, even during the final hours of long shifts. EIGHT WHEELS Excellent movement and balanced weight distribution in all situations guarantee a low surface pressure. LEVELLING The triple-frame...

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Ponsse Scorpion ENG - 4

LEVELLING ANGLE SIDEWAYS: 12° *. LEVELLING ANGLE SIDEWAYS: 12° IMPRESSIVE STABILISATION SYSTEM The sensors between the cabin and crane slewing keep the system notified of the slewing direction of the crane, whereas the sensors in the crane’s lower joint monitor the position of the crane. Hydraulic pressure sensors detect the pressure in the lifting cylinder, which allows the control system to feed the required amount of pressure to the stabilisation cylinder on the side of the crane. The pressure is actively adjusted as necessary. The stabilisation system is also active during driving,...

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Ponsse Scorpion ENG - 5

PONSSE SCORPION DIMENSIONS Length: 8 020 mm [316 in) ENGINE Model: Mercedes-Benz OM936 EU Stage V/Tier 4 Final or Mercedes-Benz OM906 LA EU Stage IIIA [according to legal requirements) Power: Stage V and Tier 4F: 210 kW [286 hp) [Stage V: 1 200 Nm, Tier 4F: 1 150 Nm, Stage IIIA: 1 100 Nm) Tractive force: Scorpion 170 kN [38,217 lbf) ScorpionKing 180 kN [40,466 lbf) Fuel tank volume: 410 l [108 gal US) / 320 l [84.5 gal US)* * with stump treatment option HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Control system: PONSSE OptiControl Scorpion: Working pump - 210 cm3 [12.8 cu in) ScorpionKing:...

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