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PONSSE BuffaloKing provides its operator with a powerful Ponsse K100+ loader, large carrying capacity, powerful Mercedes-Benz engine and a strong frame. With a carrying capacity of 18 tonnes (39,683 lbs), this machine was designed to be reliable and powerful with the minimum additional weight. PONSSE BuffaloKing’s frame structure is very rigid, and components and service points have been positioned considering the ease of serviceability. Extremely long service intervals increase effective operating hours and reduce maintenance costs. As with all other PONSSE forwarders, the hydraulic...

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ACTIVE CRANE PONSSE Active Crane is a new crane control system, where the direction and speed of the boom tip is controlled instead of individual movements of the crane. It’s enough for the operator to give the grapple a desired direction, and the automation controls lifting, luffing and extension automatically. ERGONOMICS Ergonomics and ease of use are important factors when it comes to productivity. The completely new cabin offers plenty of storage space, the most ergonomic controls available in the market and excellent visibility which is characteristic of all PONSSE forest machines....

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LESS SERVICE, MORE OPERATION The technology and hydraulics offer longer service intervals, increasing effective operating hours and reducing operating costs. Easy access to important components speeds up maintenance. In all PONSSE models a special attention has been put into positioning CLEAN PERFORMANCE WITH NEW ENGINE of components and service points, as well as the ease of maintenance, as requested by our customers. SERVICE LIGHTS EASY ACCESSIBILITY STORAGE SPACE FOR ACCESSORIES INSPECTION POINTS Ponsse uses the latest Mercedes-Benz/MTU engine technology to provide the highest...

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LOADER Model: Lifting moment (gross): Reach: HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Control system: Working pump: Oil tank volume: GRAPPLE Model: Several different grapple alternatives LOAD SPACE Capacity: 18 000 kg (39,683 lbs) Load space cross-sectional area: 5,2–5,8 m2 (56–63 sq ft) Load space length: 5 190–5 450 mm (204–214 in) + glide bunk 700 mm (28 in) Log gate can be moved hydraulically. Mercedes-Benz OM936 LA EU Stage V/Tier 4 Final Mercedes-Benz OM906 LA EU Stage IIIA (according to legal requirements) Power: Stage V and Tier 4F: 210 kW (286 hp) Stage IIIA: 205 kW (275 hp) Torque: 1 200–1 600 rpm (Stage...

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