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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 2

PONSSE BISON ACTIVE FRAME Unbeatable powerhouse for long transport distances Speed and efficiency - first-rate productivity! The next generation PQNSSE Bison Active Frame forwarder is here. Unprecedented in the field, the CVT power transmission and Active Frame cabin suspension system raise productivity to an entirely new level, especially with long transport distances. The modern motor, powerful loader and robust powertrain makes the Bison Active Frame an unbeatable powerhouse for timber transport. 0000.0G 'I 0 0 OOGOGOO "■ o 0 Oil OOOOG- \ >0000000 ■ <> « OOO O0.00 '^Q OOOOOGr. V’oOOO (X'...

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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 3

The new type of power transmission reduces fuel consumption. A truly unique powerhouse was created by combining these advantages with the modern high-torque Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines. Never-before-seen productivity. The load bearing capacity of the Bison Active Frame is 16 tonnes. The large load space combined with the powerful and easy-to-use loader ensure efficient load handling at all work sites. PONSSE BISON ACTIVE FRAME Experience the higher tractive force and stepless power transmission of the CVT drive The new PONSSE Bison Active Frame demonstrates its superiority especially over...

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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 4

LOADERS Options PONSSE K90+ (7.8/10 m) or K100+ (7.8/9.5 m). POWER TRANSMISSION Unprecedented in the field, the CVT drive ensures that the Bison Active Frame boasts more practical tractive force than ever before, enabling faster forest haulage. This improves the machine’s productivity, especially with long drive distances. ERGONOMICS Ergonomics and ease of operation have a massive impact on work productivity. The fully revamped cabin provides plenty of storage space, the most ergonomic controls on the market and the excellent visibility PONSSE forest machines are known for. ENGINE In the...

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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 5

PONSSE SEAT UNPARALLELED COMFORT DURABLE AND STABLE BASE. Thanks to the reinforced base and suspension, the seat is more stable and durable than before. This combined with the increased driver weight capacity (210 kg) ensures that the new seat dampens swinging motions and vibrations more efficiently than previous models. EASY ACCESS TO SEAT CONTROLS AND BASE. All adjustment controls are conveniently located at the front of the seat cushion. The base can also be accessed easily by removing the cushion. DURABLE AND EASILY MAINTAINABLE FABRIC. The new seat fabric (83% wool) is five times more...

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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 6

CVT – CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION DRIVE AT ANY SPEED WITHOUT STOPPING CLEANER AND MORE EFFICIENT For demanding terrain and challenging conditions – CVT technology provides higher tractive force Explosive power and increased torque. Lower emission level and fuel consumption. You can now switch to any speed without having to stop – naturally depending on the driving situation. The new kind of power transmission featured in PONSSE Bison Active Frame is based on CVT technology, which changes gear ratio steplessly. This means that the traditional switching between the slow and fast gear...

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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 7

EXTREME COMFORT AT HIGH SPEEDS PONSSE MANAGER TOP PRODUCTIVITY HOUR AFTER HOUR REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT Unparalleled comfort and first-rate control. Active Frame helps the driver keep alert and productive PONSSE Manager connects forest machines to an information network PONSSE Bison Active Frame features robust frame structures. Easy maintenance has been taken into account in the positioning of the components and maintenance targets. In addition to this, the machine’s extremely long maintenance intervals of 1,800 hours increase effective operating hours and reduce maintenance costs. Even at...

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Ponsse Bison Active Frame ENG - 8

INFORMATION SYSTEMS PONSSE BOOST/SAVE INCREASED EFFICIENCY AND ECONOMY Our aim is to manufacture the most productive and economical forest machines on the market. We call this the PONSSE Boost/Save operating model. Maximum productivity, lower fuel consumption and lower environmental load - we ensure these benefits through our products, information systems, training and correct maintenance. PONSSE is committed to long-term development and strives to continuously improve the efficiency of all products and services. PONSSE has incorporated a great deal of new technology in its new forest...

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Ponsse North America, Inc. 4400 International Lane Rhinelander, WI 54501 USA Tel. +1 715 369 4833 Fax +1 715 369 4838 Ponsse UK Ltd. 4 Annan Business Park Annan Dumfriesshire DG12 6TZ UNITED KINGDOM Tel. +44 1461 207 510 Fax +44 1461 207 511 A logger’s best friend PONSSE Bison Active Frame 9/18 2. Copyright © 2018 Ponsse Plc. PONSSE is a registered trademark of Ponsse Plc and other product names are trademarks of Ponsse Plc.

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