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uths interconn protection technology group POLYPHASER | TRANSTECTOR | DOWIN | LEA | RO ASSOCIATES

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The Protection Technology Group (PTG) The Protection Technology Group is part of Smiths Interconnect and includes five brands: PolyPhaser ®TRANSTECTOR DOIDin LEA Coaxial RF and Data Surge Protection and Grounding Solutions AC, DC, Data Line, and EMP Protection, Integrated Cabinets, Power Distribution AC, DC, RF, Data Line Surge Protection AC Surge Protectors Power and Ground-ing Consultation and Education Established in 1979 Established in 1967 Established in 2000 Established in 1971 Established in 1979 Global leader in RF protection, patented DC Block and DC Pass technology Introduced...

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Protecting Critical Assets Our mission: The Protection Technology Group offers power and signal integrity through protection, connectivity and distribution solutions, thus assuring the reliability of critical electronics for our customers. Our core markets include: Tͩlcommunications: From the tower top to the central office, PTG products are used to protect communication networks and infrastructure. Military: Strategic communications, aircraft and weapons systems depend on our EMP|HEMP|EMI custom filtering solutions. Rail: Our end-to-end protection products are designed to keep rail yards...

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Core Competencies Our product offering includes RF, AC, DC and high-speed data as well as signal protection, grounding accessories, integrated cabinets and power distribution units. From the tower top to the central office, we have a protection solution to meet your needs.

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Custom Solutions The Protection Technology Group was founded on the ability to provide custom engineered solutions for unique protection circumstances. Regardless of your requirements, PolyPhaser, Transtector, Dowin, and LEA have the proven ability and experience to design, develop and manufacture your solution. Since our engineers are also business leaders and decision makers within regulatory agencies including AISG, IEC, IEEE, IWPC, NEC and UL you can be sure that your project is in highly competent hands. COTS Products Our close relationships with industry partners across the globe,...

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oaxial RF Protection ether your coaxial application is at the tower top, GPS or in the base station, RF products designed and manufactured by PolyPhaser have set the standard for the industry. Our patented designs are engineered for low voltage let-through and superior RF operation, offering the industry's best performance. Since initial patents in 1982, PolyPhaser has expanded its lightning protection platforms to include board-level protection, DC Pass, DC Block, Bias-T, Low PIM and customize integrated solutions. ii!

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Coaxial RF Protection Ultra-Low PIM Protectors Passive Intermodulation produces signais at unwanted frequencies that can interfըre with RF signal rception. PolyPhaser's ultra-low PIM surge protectors are specifically designed to minimize such interfrences. 驕 Significantly lower PIM: -155 dBC Frequency range of 698 MHz to 2.7 GHz Օ -26 dB return loss DC pass and DC block options j^--^ Օ Bi-directional capabilities *\ f Coverage of LTE frequency band Օ DC Block Filters and Arrestors PolyPhaser's DC blocked products are designed to pass RF frequencies and effectively block ail DC, while...

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Data Line Surge Protection The Protection Technology Group offers Data Line surge protectors engineered and manu-factured by PolyPhaser and Transtector. Our product offering includes units optimized for PoE, Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit PoE, Ethernet, RS-232 | RS-422 | RS-485, CCTV, DeviceNet and other low voltage signals. They are available as custom as well as commercial-off-the-shelf products for digital and analog signals in both indoor and outdoor enclosures.

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Data Line Surge Protection ■ Multi-Protocols Configurable to handle multiple protocols in one package Օ Modules available for T1/E1, Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet PoE, Gigabit PoE, GbE, T1/E1 PolyPhaser and Transtector engineered Ethernet and T1/E1 surge protection devices provide non-degrad-ing, fast-acting, high performance surge protection for continuous operation of your network equipment. The following configurations are available: Modular rack mount Օ Modular surface mount DIN rail mount Օ In-line indoor enclosures Surface and pմle mount outdoor enclosures, plastic or mtal...

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AC Surge Protection eading the industry with SASD, MOV and brid technology protection, Transtector, DO nd LEA International offer a wide range of AC rge protection products. One, two and three hase AC protectors are available with high dis arge current capacity, visual status, remote m and surge counters.

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AC Surge Protection Panel Protectors When surge protection is critical for service entrance and branch panel applications, Transtector, DOWIN and LEA International offer a wide range of electrical configurations and voltages to meet today's AC panel protector requirements. t Indoor | Outdoor t Օ Parallel | Sries J SASD | MOV | Hybrid Technologies ♦ Rack Mount For ease of installation Transtector AC surge protection products offer rack mount installation options (19" and 23") to meet the needs of our customers. 镕 Silicon diode technology for superior protection 120/230 Vac with 15 A and...

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C Surge Suppression For equipment operating on direct current, both Transtector and DOWIN offer superior surge protection solutions for a variety of application situations ranging from solar, rail and communications to marine and industrial controls. Due to the approaching proliferation of low voltage direct current in place of alternating current, applications such as data centers, electric vehicle charging stations, heating and air conditioning systems as well as many residential systems will soon also rely on DC power and will need to be appropriately protected.

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DC Surge Suppression DIN Rail Transtector and DOWIN offer DIN rail TVSS mounted solutions designed to assist network operators reduce maintenance costs and installation time. Օ Silicon avalanche diode suppression technology MOV Օ Operating voltages: 12 Vdc to 48 Vdc Plugable modules Hardwire PolyPhaser and Transtector deliver a full line of compact hardwired DC surge protectors that exhibit superior energy absorption, low voltage let-through and near instantaneous response time. Օ Industrial strength hardwire, multi-conductor DC surge protection Panel or wall mount Օ Operating voltages:...

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