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Introduction Plus Opto Introduction Plus Opto was established in 1994 and continues to build its business, focused on optoelectronic product solutions across an increasing range of applications. Adopting the latest LED chip materials, technologies and production methods has resulted in significant growth in usage particularly from high performance and power devices. Whilst applications are diverse, key markets include: public information systems, automotive lighting, signalling and more recently commercial, retail, domestic and architectural lighting. The latest high performance LED light...

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Product Showcase - 3

Bin Grading for colour consistency LED binning is essential in order to maximize effective utilization of emitters in lighting applications. Binning for light output and particularly colour ensures consistency of luminaire performance. Our binning for colour temperature is defined by (x,y) coordinates on the CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram. We provide binning to ANSI standard and subbinning in order to offer extremely tight colour control. Test & Measurement Suite Not sure what colour LEDs you’re using? Send to us for testing . . . If you are unsure of the LED type being used, or the...

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Product Showcase - 4

High Performance LEDs We offer an extensive range of high performance LED lamps covering almost all industry standard devices at extremely competitive prices. Virtually every size, shape and style of LED lamp is available with a wide range of colours and a choice of lens options. For volume requirements we offer lead cropping and/or pre- forming, wire lead termination and tape & reel packaging for automatic insertion. Surface Mount PLCC LEDs With the increase in demand for portability and reduced equipment size where PCB area is at a premium, Surface Mount LEDs can provide an ideal...

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Product Showcase - 5

PCB Indicators To facilitate ease of assembly we offer a wide range of PCB Indicators based on discrete LEDs packaged in housings. •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 Range of LED sizes 2.0mm to 20mm diameter Choice of colours/permutations Vertical or right angle orientation Choice of clear, tinted or diffused lens Ultra bright, low current, bi-colour, and flashing options Panel Mount Indicators For status indication in panel applications we offer a range of panel mount LED indicators. •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 Rugged construction Choice of bezel styles, sizes & finishes Range of operating voltages from 12v...

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Product Showcase - 6

Rigid LED Strips We offer a comprehensive range of linear LED strips based on our extensive range of LED emitters. Options include: •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 Low power through-hole & Surface Mount emitters High and Medium power emitters Full colour RGB types Choice of interconnection Range of secondary optics We offer a bespoke design service to configure LED strips to suit specific applications. Flexible LED Strips We offer an extensive range of Flexible LED Strips for decorative and area lighting applications. Strip may be specified in a choice of emitter densities: •25 Low density: 30...

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Product Showcase - 7

Liquid Crystal Display Modules Character LCD Modules We offer a wide range of low cost industry standard character LCD modules, with a choice of backlight colours to suit your application. •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 From 8x2 to 40x4 characters Choice of TN, STN of FSTN technologies Positive or negative mode Built-in controllers Extended operating temperature as standard Semi-customisation available Graphic LCD Modules Graphic modules offer great flexibility in formatting data and allow customers to form their own graphics, symbols and text in a number of languages. •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 •25...

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Product Showcase - 8

Liquid Crystal Display Modules Field Sequential Colour LCD (FSC-LCD) Solely for custom design solutions, FSC-LCDs implement an RGB backlight technology to display bright colours at a fraction of the cost of a TFT or C-STN display. This is done without the use of filters and allows for a white or black background that is sharper than that currently offered by an FSTN filter. •25 •25 •25 •25 Each segment can display 8 different colours Low power High contrast Low cost tooling and unit price E-Paper We are now able to offer E-Paper technology from Winstar. Whilst there are a few “standard”...

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Product Showcase - 9

Liquid Crystal Display Modules Custom Displays If you cannot find a standard display that fits your needs, then we will be pleased to assist you with a bespoke solution. Although our range of off-the-shelf LCD modules is comprehensive, it may be that your product needs to be a special display, perhaps with symbols or text and a numerical layout particular to making your product easier to use. Many of our customers find that a custom display helps give their product a distinct and special ergonomic quality that makes their design stand out against the competition. It may be that colour-coded...

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Product Showcase - 10

Light Panels Designed for installation in suspended ceilings the PLPW series is designed to locate directly into ceiling grid systems to replace traditional modular fluorescent fittings. •25 Standard grid sizes 600x600, 1200x600, 1200x300mm •25 Low energy consumption •25 Long life >40,000 hours •25 Low voltage LED emitters •25 Low 12mm profile •25 High output typically 975lux @ 1metre •25 Easy to install with driver included LED Downlights Our comprehensive range of LED down lights utilise the latest LED technology to maximise light output and lifetimes. Features include: •25 •25 •25 •25...

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Product Showcase - 11

PAT Series LED Tube The PAT series miniature LED tube designed for area lighting applications. •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 •25 5x7mm profile Clear PMMA tube 100 LED’s/metre May be cut at 50mm increments High performance LED emitters Low voltage operation 12v or 24v Choice of colours Choice of lengths PT15 LED Tube The PT15 is a high intensity low cost dual row LED tube designed for area lighting applications. •25 15.0mm diameter poly tube •25 220 LEDs/metre •25 Cut at 27.3mm increments •25 High performance LED emitters •25 Low voltage operation 12v or 24v •25 Choice of colours •25 Choice of...

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