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Contents Introduction Floodlights Bulkhead Luminaires Linear Bulkhead Fittings LED Light Panels LED Downlights Lamp Replacement Retail Lighting Spotlights Flexible LED Strip LED Light Engines Drivers & Sensors

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LED Lighting Products - 3

Introduction Plus Opto was established in 1994 and continues to build its business, focused on optoelectronic product solutions across an increasing range of applications. Adopting the latest LED chip materials, technologies and production methods has resulted in significant growth in usage particularly from high performance and power emitters. Whilst applications are diverse, the recent developments in white LEDs have accelerated the growth in key markets particularly in LED Lighting to reduce energy costs. The benefits of LED technology is well documented and includes: l3Energy Efficient...

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LED Lighting Products - 4

Polux 150W & 75W Precision Floodlights The Polux range of precision floodlights project the high intensity light output precisely where it is required maximising illumination and avoiding light spill. The flexible design offers a choice of optics producing the beam angle to • Choice of colour temperatures • Surge protection up to 10KV (ANSI C62.41.2) • Photometric testing to IESNA LM79-08 For billboard, architectural and general purpose floodlighting the LM 34W precision floodlight is rated to IP68.The robust design allows modules to be connected together to meet the ^^JB intensity/ area...

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LED Lighting Products - 5

Bulkhead Luminaires Suitable for indoor or exterior installations and designed to replace traditional 2D lamps, our range of surface mount LED bulkhead luminaires are rated IP65 and available in a number of sizes in circular or square format. A choice of colour temperatures are available along with a selection of base colour finishes & trims. Options include: l l l Integral microwave sensor Emergency lighting pack Sensor dimming Applications include stairwell and corridor illumination.

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LED Lighting Products - 6

Linear Bulkhead Fittings Our linear non-corrosive LED light fittings are suitable for indoor or exterior installations, and rated IP65. Available in a number of sizes, we offer a choice of luminous intensities, colour temperatures. Applications include car park illumination, workshop & stairwell lighting. These fittings may be supplied with optional motion sensors and dimming to maximise energy saving.

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LED Lighting Products - 8

LED Light Panels Designed to replace modular fluorescent trays, in suspended ceiling grid lighting, we offer a range of LED light panels as a low energy solution. These attractive panels transform living & workspaces and may be easily installed in existing or new lighting schemes. Features include: l Choice of ultra slim edge lit or high bright backlit technology l Long life >40,000 hours l Uniform “low glare” light output l Low energy consumption l High lumen output l Instant start, no flicker, emergency lighting pack

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LED Lighting Products - 10

LED Downlights Our comprehensive range of LED down lights are designed as suitable replacements for traditional incandescent lighting and incorporate the latest LED technology to maximise performance, light output and lifetimes. The range encompasses miniature types from 3W to 6W along with larger high flux fittings up to 25W designed for general lighting applications in both domestic and commercial environments. Features include: l High intensity even light output l Low voltage operation l Low energy consumption l Zero maintenance l Choice of colour temperatures l Integral clips...

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LED Lighting Products - 12

Lamp Replacement We offer a range of LED lamps as suitable replacement for traditional incandescent GLS types and halogen spotlights. Features include: • Compatible with existing lamp cap styles • Efficient light output

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LED Lighting Products - 13

Retail Lighting The display of products in the retail sector may be enhanced by the use of LED lighting with the benefit of lower energy costs particularly where all-day illumination is required. High intensity light focused into the display area can be provided by a range of products including spotlights, recessed fittings and linear luminaires along with bespoke product solutions. Direct lighting, accent and decorative illumination further enhances retail schemes. LED fittings operate from low voltage power supplies and do not emit heat.

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LED Lighting Products - 14

We offer a range of LED spotlights rated from 6W to 36W for general and accent lighting. Features include: • High intensity light output • Low energy consumption, low maintenance • Choice of colours including RGB • IP rated for outdoor environments • Adjustable bracket for light positioning

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LED Lighting Products - 15

Flexible LED Strip We offer an extensive range of Flexible LED Strips for a wide range of decorative and area lighting applications. Standard emitter densities are: l Low density: 30 LEDs/metre l Medium density: 60 LEDs/metre l High density: 120 LEDs/metre A choice of colours is available with a variety of LED emitter types including full colour RGB and addressable. Waterproof options are available with IP65 crystal epoxy or IP67 PVC sleeve. Operation is from low voltage power supply 12v or 24vdc.

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LED Lighting Products - 16

LED Light Engines From standard linear LED strips to custom LED arrays we offer a range of LED light engines designed for lighting applications selected from our extensive range of LED emitters. l Low, medium or high power LED emitters l High Efficiency l Long lifetimes >30000 hours l Choice of on-board connectors & drivers l Range of CCT and intensity options

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LED Lighting Products - 17

Drivers & Sensors Emergency Lighting Packs Sensors & Sensor Dimming To support our range of Light Panels and luminaires we offer an optional emergency lighting pack. To support our extensive range of LED lighting products and facilitate reliable efficient power management we offer a range of solutions. With output ratings ranging from 5W to 360W. For lighting control we offer integration of microwave motion sensor modules that will switch on the output on detection of people movement and turn off after a pre-selected hold time when no persons present. A daylight sensor is also built-in to...

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