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Using the latest generation of highly efficient LED emitters we offer standard modules designed for backlighting & signage applications. In addition our design team supports custom designs for specific applications. Features Wide range of sizes Choice of colours Circuit configurations Secondary Optics and heat sinks Optimised for colour consistency and intensity Easy to integrate >

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LED Chain Catalogue - 6

C) r y mbolParamete MinTest ConditionRadiation ColorPrefixS yp UnitMaxT DnmWavelengthIf= 20mAYellowPY2713If= 20mARedPR27136If= 20mAWarm WhitePX27139If= 20mACool WhitePW2713If= 20mAGreenPT2713cdIf= 20mABluePB2713IvLuminous Intensityper boardV12If= 20mAAll ColoursVdcOperating Voltage 2 1/2 (deg)Viewing Angle590If= 20mAYellowPY2713630If= 20mARedPR2713X=0.38, y=0.44If= 20mAWarm WhitePX2713X=0.26, y=0.31If= 20mACool WhitePW2713525If= 20mAGreenPT2713nm470If= 20mABluePB2713 Please contact our office for the latest bin intensity yieldsWire lead length & termination can be specifiedOther sizes,...

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