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ISSN Nr. 0997 - 6981 20 October 2015 Nr. 150b ^Werkzeug Technik Technologie - System - Logistik Technical magazine for cutting tools and measurement in the manufacturing

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New Quad Coatings - 2

New QuadCoatings4® for Milling – 2015 PLATIT AG, Selzach, Switzerland With no false modesty, we can confirm that in recent years PLATIT has introduced numerous new coatings and even new generations of coatings. The overview on pages 4 and 5 [1] shows a representative selection of those that we worked out for the series 11 coating machines [2]. Some of them have already been developed to market standards (e.g. the addition of silicon or the creation of triple structures). This process is also continuing in 2015, which can be seen with the current market launches of milling coatings. This...

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New Quad Coatings - 3

Figure 2: End milling with QuadCoatings Tools: Solid carbide end mills - d=8 mm - z=4 - ap=5 mm - ae=3.5 mm vc=110 m/min - f=0.24 mm/rev Work piece material: DIN 1.2085 - X33CrS16 - 31 HRC - External minimum lubrication. Alongside the market competitor’s conventional AlCrN coatings, the test results also show the comparison with a “new” AlCrSi-based market coating [1], [3], [4]. Our two QuadCoatings4® nACRo4® and ALL4® are the best coatings for the application of milling abrasive steel with minimal lubrication. Both coatings display very consistent wear without break outs at the cutting...

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New Quad Coatings - 5

nACoX4® n JJJJJJ - n AlTiCrN4" rr*rt ,isri

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New Quad Coatings - 6

opt. NL + ML Marktet coating: AlCrfSiiN Tool life [m/tooth] Figure 4: Development of the coating ALL4® in 4 steps Tools: PM-HSS -mn = 2.31, vc = 150 m/min, fa = 1.7 mm/work piece rev. -zo = 5 - Mat. : 20 MnCrB5 - dry Tested by the University of Magdeburg, Germany. As shown in Fig. 4, the ALL4® coating (as needed for a QuadCoating4®) was designed in 4 steps: - After the Nanosphere project, new coatings appeared on the Japanese market, which were beaten (AlCrN3). - The optimization of the nanolayer-multilayer structure yielded another advantage (AlCrN3+). - The addition of silicon in the...

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New Quad Coatings - 7

Figure 6: Hard milling with QuadCoatings4® Work piece - Wave profilewl: X155CrVMo12 - 1.2379 - hardened to 55 HRC Coolant: Internal air Tool: WPR 16-SF - vc=240 m/min - fz=0.2mm - vf=1910 mm/min ap=0.2mm - ae=0.3mm Tested by LMT-Kieninger, Lahr, Germany. nACo4®: ([1] page 9, [3] page 30) This is the 4th generation of the most world-renowned PLATIT coating. Its quad stoichiometry: TiN – AlTiN – AlTiN nanolayer – AlTiN/SiN is based on the well-known nanolayer and nanocomposite structures. With a hardness range of 50 to 56 HRC, it surpasses the market coatings, which usually have a dual...

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