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VE DL series illuminated disc

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Illuminated disc VE DL series

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Selection diagram ACTUATORS A continuous light D Dual purpose: fixed light / blinking light MARKINGS Code structure Attention! The feasibility of a code number does not mean the effective availability of a product. Please contact our sales office. Engraving 00 without engraving with engraving: 09 STOP_IsTOP @ STOP © STOP © Indication mode A continuous light L blinking light D dual purpose fixed light / blinking light (►pizzato Illuminated disc

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Technical data General data Protection degree: Ambient temperature: Cable cross section: Laying of cables: Minimum bending radius: Cable insulation: Operating voltage Un: Supply voltage tolerance: Operating current: Blinking frequency (if present): Utilization requirements: IP67 acc. to IEC 60529 applied with the supplied adhesive -25°C … +70°C 0.25 mm2 (AWG 24) fixed 14 mm PVC 12 Vac/dc or 24 Vac/dc ±15% of Un 40 mA (12 Vac/dc) 20 mA (24 Vac/dc) 1 Hz see page 124 General Catalogue HMI 2015-2016 In conformity with standards: IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-5-1, IEC 60204-1, EN 60947-1, EN 60947-5-1,...

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Yellow illuminated disc, 0 60 mm, without engraving Yellow illuminated disc, 0 60 mm, with engraving: STOP © STOP @ STOP 1 IsTOP Example for application of the dual purpose illuminated ring Depending on the wiring, the device can have a fixed or blinking light. For example, this could be useful for a series of emergency buttons connected in a chain (figure 1). When the user pushes the emergency button, the latter becomes blinking and all the others turn off, so that it is easy to understand where the emergency actuation has happened (figure 2). Figure 3 shows an example of a circuit diagram...

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Minimum distances for installation Panel drilling and applications Connection block 10 pcs. packs Connection blocks with dimensions similar to the contact blocks but without electrical contacts. To combine with the illuminated disc of the VE DL series in order to mount it without terminals or crimping. Article Standard wiring Illuminated disc Panel mounting connection block Connection block for base mounting Wiring with connection block

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General Catalogue Detection General Catalogue Safety General Catalogue LIFT Pizzato Elettrica s.r.l. Via Torino, 1 - 36063 Marostica (VI) Italy Phone +39.0424.470.930 - Fax +39.0424.470.955 E-mail: - Web site: © 2016 Copyright Pizzato Elettrica

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