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Power Transmission Solutions

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Machinery Belts PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts are specially engineered to endure the most demanding working conditions presented by grass machinery in uneven lawns and toughest of terrains. Special features: Best-of-class Aramid cord Belts, designed for superior resistance to shock loads Specially woven bare-back outer cover fabric for high wear resistance, enhanced flexibility and smooth clutching operation Extensive range of special construction Belts designed to meet specific mower applications PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts are expertly produced using technology and materials of the...

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 3

PIX-LawnMaster® Lawn Mower Wrap Belts Constructional details 1. Specially insulated rubber compound offers superior adhesion 2. Specially treated Aramid cords for high tensile strength 3. Fibre-loaded compression rubber base compound for enhanced power transmission 4. Special bare-back fabric outer cover for the smooth clutching operation ^ Standard Belt PIX-LawnMaster®

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 4

PIX-Enforcer®-XSHigh-power, High-strength, Inversely Flexible Wrap Belts Features > Superior power transmission capacity over standard Belts. > Specially treated outer fabric cover for high wear resistance. > Specially coated Aramid cords for enhanced adhesive strength and minimum elongation. > Unique design in wrap construction to facilitate smooth operation over smaller diameter pulleys with an acute reverse bend. > High performance under variable load conditions and the drives with reverse idlers. > Longer service life. > Extended temperature range: -25°C to + 100°C Constructional...

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 5

PIX-Duo®-XSDouble-sided, Hexagonal Wrap Belts Features > Enhanced product life Transmits power from both sides of the Belt Center cord provides excellent power transmission and low-stretch > Special design provides excellent flexibility for serpentine drives > Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C 1. Wear-resistant bias-cut neoprene rubberised polyester cotton fabric 2. High tenacity, low stretch tension member 3. High modulus compression rubber

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 6

High power transmission capacity than standard Belts. Superior transverse stiffness and high wear-resistant. Multi-layered bottom fabric, to restrict the formation of cracks and supports application involving acute reverse bend. Anti-static, oil and heat resistant Suitable for application with back idlers Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C Constructional details 1. Special top fabric layer 2. Specially treated and stabilised polyester cords 3. Fibre-filled base compound 4. Multi-layer fabric provides extra strength and act as a crack barrier in reverse bend conditions Product range

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 7

PIX-Spectra-XRCentre-corded, Extremely Flexible, Raw Edge Laminated Belts Features High power rating compared to standard Wrap Belts. High tensile strength. > Improved flexibility, suitable for back idler applications. > Longer service life. Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C. 1. Multi-layer fabric provides extra strength and acts as a crack barrier under reverse bend conditions 2. High modulus polyester cords placed at the center to neutralise the reverse bending stress 3. Specially compounded rubber for better grip over smaller diameter pulleys 4. Unique design offers laminated...

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 8

PIX-Thermal®-XCHigh-temperature, Poly-V Belts Features High power transmission capacity Suitable for small diameter pulleys Maximum Belt linear speed up to 60 m/sec Extended service life High temperature resistant from -35°C to +130°C 1. Specially designed top fabric for enhanced lateral stiffness and flexibility, protects the Belt from oil, grease and dust 2. EPDM Polyester tension member for minimal elongation, facilitating maintenance-free drive 3. Fibre-loaded EPDM compression rubber offers high thermal resistance and enhanced dimensional stability Product type Standard Poly-V Belt...

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 9

PIX-PolyStretch®-XCElasticated, Poly-V Belts Features Low noise levels. > Self-tensioning property maintains the Belt tension through its life. > Enhanced power transmission because of optimum contact area. Easy installation. Increased service life. Moulded Belts offer superior dimensional stability. > Temperature range: -25° to +100°C. Constructional details 1. Top special rubber design for enhanced lateral stiffness and flexibility. It protects the Belt from external agents such as oil, grease, dust, etc. 2. Specially designed Polyamide tension member for ease of installation and...

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 10

PIX-X'act® Timing / Synchronous Belts Features High efficiency due to positive engagement between the Belt teeth and pulley grooves. Fibre-glass cords provide excellent strength, flex life and high resistance to elongation. Exact power transmission. Low noise levels and longer service life. Improved stress distribution. Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C. Constructional details 2. Fibre-glass cords for superior tensile strength and minimum elongation 3. High modulus fibre-loaded Polychloroprene rubber compound 4. Nylon stretchable fabric teeth for high wear resistance Product range...

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 11

Constructional details 1. Specially designed flexible neoprene compound offers high resistance to fatigue and adverse environmental conditions 2. Fibre glass cords for enhanced stability against dynamic load conditions, high resistance to elongation, offers excellent flex life and high tensile strength 3. High modulus teeth rubber for superior power transmission and high resistance to oil and heat 4. Specially woven fabric, resistant to heat and abrasion, protects the teeth from damage Product range

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PIX-Lawn & Garden Belts - 12

PIX at a Glance.. • Fastest emerging global player in the mechanical power transmission products • Over five decades of expertise of manufacturing quality products • Strong global brand identity • Distribution network in over 100 countries • Global product approvals, quality management systems • Global presence, subsidiary operations in U.K., Germany and UAE • State-of-art infrastructure for the development, manufacturing and testing of products • Dedicated and committed R&D team Registered Office PIX Transmissions Ltd. B-1208, 12th Floor, One BKC, Bandra-Kurla, Complex Bandra (East),...

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