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PIX-Brawn-XT (Hybrid Poly+Timing Belts)


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PIX-Brawn®-XT Hybrid, Timing+Poly-V Belts PIX-Brawn®-XT (Hybrid, Timing + Poly-V) belt are widely used in flour and rice mills, on machines used for grinding (milling) food grains. The grinding process involves a combination of various actions such as compression, shearing, crushing, cutting, friction and collision. The grinding rollers are twinned and each made to rotate in a direction counter to each other. This ® kind of reverse rotary direction of rollers is possible with the use of PIX-Brawn Belts, which offers positive engagement on the one side (synchronous belt tooth profile) and...

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Timing Belt No. of Ribs Length Range Sections pk pl (mm) Poly-V Belt 'PL" section is available with “8M" & “S8M" Timing Belt profiles.

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Nagpur & Mumbai, India I Paderborn, Germany Ipswich, U.K. I Dubai & Ras-Al-Khaimah, U.A.E.

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