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PIX-Automotive Belts - 2

PIX-Automotive Belts PIX offers an extensive range of Automotive Belts fulfilling the power transmission requirements of engines used in all the means of transport such as surface, water and air. PIX-Automotive Belts are specially designed to offer superior performance over high-speed, high-torque next-gen engines and essentially meets the parameters such as1. Higher flexibility 2. Low noise 3. High temperature resistance 4. Longer service-life 5. Resistance to harsh weather conditions PIX Automotive Belts are available in Moulded Raw Edge Cogged, Poly-V and Timing Belt constructions. They...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 3

PIX-Force® Automotive, Moulded Raw Edge Cogged Belts Features & benefits Best suited for next-generation, high speed engines Cog profile offers enhanced flexibility and heat dissipation rate Higher power transmission capacity, best suited for smaller diameter pulleys Engineered and chemically treated modulus & low stretch tensile cords for higher loads, without stretch Compounded for better grip and lateral rigidity Excellent resistance to oil and heat Suitable for HEMM (Heavy earth moving machinery) applications Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C and -45°C to +120°C in case of EPDM Belts...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 4

Cogged Banded Belts PIX-Force®-HXR Automotive, EPDM, Moulded Raw Edge Construction * © > (2 3 4 5 1. Specially treated top-fabric offers high wear resistance, low noise and protects the belt from oil, grease, dust and others environmental agents 2. Specially treated tension member for higher tensile strength and minimal elongation 3. High thermal resistance adhesion compound for improved dynamic adhesion performance 4. High modulus compression rubber facilitates enhanced power transmission, superior transverse stiffness and high temperature resistance 5. Moulded cogs provide better...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 5

PIX-Force® Automotive Series Belts 1. Special rubber impregnated top fabric resists the abrasion and cracking 2. Specially engineered high tensile strength cords to facilitates high power transmission 3. High modulus compression rubber for superior transverse stiffness 4. Moulded cogs for extra flexibility & heat dissipation, enhancing the Belt-life Features & benefits Suitable for high speed engines Cogged profile offers higher flexibility & quick heat dissipation Engineered and chemically treated modulus and low stretch tensile cord for higher load & maintenance free operation Offers high...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 6

Automotive, Ribbed / Poly-V Belts Construction 1. Special high wear resistance top fabric to protect the Belt from external agents such as oil, grease, dust, etc. 2. Specially treated EPDM polyester tension member offers high tensile strength with negligible elongation 3. Fiber-loaded EPDM compression rubber offers thermal resistance, maintains the profile dimension over the service-life of the Belt Features & benefits Trapezoid-faced-ribs on the fibre reinforced rubber matrix offers higher power transmission capacity, excellent resistance to wear and tear & facilitates quiet...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 7

Elasticated Poly-V Belts 1. Specially designed top rubber for enhanced lateral stiffness and flexibility, which also protects the belt from external agents such as oil, grease, dust, etc. 2. Specially designed Polyamide tension member for ease of installation and maintains uniform belt-tension throughout its service life 3. Moulded high abrasion, thermal resistant rib compound maintains the profile dimensions over belt service life Low noise levels Self-tensioning property, maintains the Belt tension through its life Enhanced power transmission because of optimum contact area Easy...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 8

Automotive, Synchronous / Timing Belts 1. Polychloroprene backing 2. Fibre glass cords for minimal stretch and enhanced dimensional stability 3. Nylon fabric facing to resist the wear and tear of teeth Features & benefits Trapezoidal tooth design for sections ZA, ZB and curvilinear tooth design for other sections Precisely formed and accurately spaced teeth ensures smooth engagement with the pulley grooves Fiber glass tensile cords provide excellent strength and resistance to elongation Durable backing protects against environmental pollution and friction wear Tough nylon surface protects...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 9

Construction 1. Special fabric top layer 2. Specialised treated tensile member 3. Fibre-filled polychloroprene base compound 4. Moulded cogs for better flexibility Features & benefits Excellent performance and service life Enhanced performance under speed ratio variations Enhanced flexibility, allows it to work on smaller pulley diameters Fiber filled compound enhances resistance to compression and heat to reduce side-wall wear Reference standards • PIX Proprietary Application Scooter CVT drives

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 10

Construction ►0 1. Special rubberised top fabric ►(2 2. High dynamic compression rubber K(3 3. Specially treated tensile cords *(4 4. Special base rubber compound Features & benefits Superior construction to sustain high torque capacity under extreme operating conditions Engineered Cog design (single or double sided) for better flexibility & heat dissipation Superior grip to transmit maximum power with an enhanced high efficiency Lower slippage, enhances the product life and efficiency Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C Reference standards • PIX Proprietary Electric cars, ATV...

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PIX-Automotive Belts - 11

PIX-Asymmetra® Asymmetric Belts 1. Special fabric resistance to wear and tear 2. Specially treated aramid cords for high tensile strength with negligible elongation 3. Moulded cogs for superior flexibility and heat dissipation 4. Belts cut to specific angle from both the sides to suit the pulley requirements for variable speed requirements High lateral-rigidity to transmit high power Longer life Excellent shock absorbing capacity Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C Length Designation La La Reference standards • PIX Proprietary Go-karts, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, material handling and...

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