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Off Road Equipment - 3

PIUSI goes “off road” with its complete range of solutions suitable to manage any kind of vehicle refueling in every situation; from fixed to mobile and on board systems. All the pumps and dispensers are specifically engineered to meet the demand for daily use in the building & construction industry, mining sector and agricultural field. • Tailor made: to suit all the OEM needs; • Partnership: co-design with customers’ R&D department aimed to develop new products and solutions to meet the required standard; • Flexibility and reliability: mobile, on board and stationary refueling equipment...

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Off Road Equipment - 4

State-of-the-art pumps to satisfy the requirements for the on board refueling Powerful and portable equipment, easy to handle, that allows refueling operations on heavy equipment and earthworks on-site in cases where reaching the refueling The mobile and fixed solutions easily suit a wide variety of applications: a new and easy way to automatically and safely manage refueling operations of earthmoving machines, heavy duty vehicles and OEM equipment.

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Off Road Equipment - 5


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Off Road Equipment - 6

tOAD EQUIPMENT RANGE ON BOARD REFUELING Top-technology pumps with integrated "intelligence system” for any on board application. > PAGES 8/15 MOBILE II REFUELING Engineered to allow all refueling operations on the worksite. > PAGES >3/19 AdBlue EQUIPMENT II Special equipment for AdBlue® transferring for any consumption requirements. > PAGES 30/33

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Off Road Equipment - 7

EASY TO USE, TAILOR MADE AND SUITABLE FOR ALL SITUATIONS: PIUSI RANGE OF EQUIPMENT FOR OFF ROAD APPLICATIONS IS THE CHOICE Dispensers for fixed installations on tanks or drums. The perfect solutions for the most demanding flow requirements. Professional accessories to complete the off road equipment range

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Off Road Equipment - 8

FOR ANY OEM MACHINERY. A complete range of DC pumps suitable to meet the highest demand for service and quality. Vantage is a range of intelligent pumps that can monitor their own activity adapting the flow-rate and stopping automatically according to the vehicle tank.

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Off Road Equipment - 9

> BP 3000 • This long-lasting vane pump is equipped with a built-in by-pass valve. Available in both 12V and 24V versions, it represents the core of the on board range. This DC pump maintains all the main structural features of the BP 3000 while being specifically engineered to be compatible with B20 Bio Fuel and Tier 4 III B. Max differential pressure 1.0 bar 30 minutes duty time Self priming up to 3 meters depth Resistant to dry running Cast iron pump body E-coat finishing on the whole body Mechanical seals •» Thermally protected motor ' '.N * V ‘

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Off Road Equipment - 10

> VANTAGE 60 Smart fuel pump, available both in 12V and 24V versions, it can be installed on any vehicle thanks to its customized elements. Its intelligent control box guarantees a fully automatic performance in terms of self-refueling and overheating regulation. > VANTAGE 3020 High performance and environment friendly pumps, the 3020 series perform all features of Vantage 60 while being fully compatible with Tier 4 NIB engines and biodiesel B20. Max differential pressure 1.0 bar Self priming up to 3 meters depth Incorporated by-pass valve Operation status LED Remotable control box Max...

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Off Road Equipment - 11

>VANTAGE 100 Top-in-line vane pump with rotor specifically designed for on board refueling of heavy duty vehicles with tank capacity exceeding 400 liters. The pump is Tier 4 III B compatible and can transfer ultra-low-sulfur-diesel “ULSD” and biodiesel B20. VANTAGE DC INTELLIGENT PUiP STOP Switches off after 15 minutes Dry running: detects this condition and shuts down the pump Tension 24V DC Cast iron pump body E-coat finishing on the whole body Mechanical seals PPS Vanes Thermally protected motor Remotable control box Stops when the tank is full Overheating and overpressure: reduces power...

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Off Road Equipment - 12

> TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS Each customer has his unique requirements. Thanks to our R&D department, we can supply highly “made to measure” co-designed solutions that meet both the customers' as well as the industry's specific needs. Starting from the top-quality standard BP 3000 and Vantage range, PIUSI can design, create and industrialize the perfect solution in terms of connections, valves, base and cables. Wide range of heavy duty connectors. Features: Different sizes and shapes Heavy duty Co-designed on customers’ requests Custom designed pump support bracket to perfectly suit all...

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Off Road Equipment - 13

04 /FOOT VALVE A new concept of valve for fuel suction hoses on machinery. Features: Mesh filter for diesel fuel residues Anti shock materials to avoid damage caused by dropping Low pressure drop

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Off Road Equipment - 14

> TESTING This range of pumps, expressly engineered to be used on the OEM machines, are 100% tested accordingly to the following inspections. These wide range of mechanical and electronic tests are carried out on all components to guarantee the maximum reliability and long-lasting equipment. Test document reference: Type of test: 01 2 HIGH TEMPERATURE TEST 02 > LOW TEMPERATURE TEST 03 HIGH TEMPERATURE STORAGE TEST 04 > LOW TEMPERATURE STORAGE TEST 05 > VIBRATION TEST 06 > TEMPERATURE HUMIDITY CYCLE 07 2 THERMAL SHOCK TEST 08 > MECHANICAL SHOCK TEST 09 WATER PROOF RESISTANCE 10 > DUST PROOF...

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Off Road Equipment - 16

A complete range of dispensers that allow to bring the refueling system in every area on the worksite. Thus it is not necessary to move the OEM machinery to a dedicated area for a valuable time-saving.

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Off Road Equipment - 17

> PITSTOP Dispenser unit with two DC pumps, hose reel, water filter and automatic nozzle integrated in a sturdy supporting structure. Versatile and compact, this dispenser is the all-in-one solution for setting up a perfect mobile refueling unit. MOBILE REFUELING > PIUSIBOX • Portable box integrated with a self-priming transfer pump, filter, check valve and manual nozzle suitable for quick and safe refuel operations in all the situations where an easy mobile refueling is required. Two BP 3000 pumps 12/24V 30 minutes duty time Hose 3/4" -14 m (1” -10 m). Filter with water absorption...

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