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PR ISM A The WILD Group magazine PERFECTLY SHAPED Beam shaping paves the way to new laser applications Compact digital laboratory made by WILD Electronics. WILD consolidates its position in additive manufacturing. Precise solutions for highly complex measurement tasks.

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Stefan Werkl Head of Optical Technologies WILD GmbH CLUSTER KNOWLEDGE DIVERSITY FOR INTELLIGENT LASER TECHNOLOGY. The range of applications opening up in laser technology is enormous. Just as laser radiation itself, however, many of the qualifications required to be able to provide this extensive spectrum of applications are not visible at first sight. In this latest issue of PRISMA, we would like to offer you an insight into WILD's wealth of competence in laser technology. The portfolio available is truly impressive, ranging from dental lasers to components for high-performance lasers. One...

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AN EXCELLENT ANALYSIS SYSTEM. WILD Electronics has recently begun producing a novel stand-alone electrolyte analysis system for EXIAS Medical, the performance and usability of which far exceeds those of similar devices. These are small, fully digital miniature laboratories which Electronics will have manufactured 80 complete systems. are used in every emergency room, in decentralised „We are a respected player in the development and laboratories and in many specialist practices on a daily production of in-vitro diagnostics devices and systems. basis: electrolyte analysers. Whether during...

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LASER LIGHT: A „JACK OF ALL TRADES“ Intensity, direction and form - no other tool is as flexible as laser light. WILD opens a huge variety of laser applications for its customers thanks to a special beam shaping. Ablation, drilling, cutting, structuring, bonding, metallur- first place. Solid-state lasers, especially laser diodes, created gical processing, roughening surfaces, burnishing or a completely new range of possibilities. They created laser cleaning: there are hardly any limits to what laser can light in different wavelengths with ever increasing intensity, do in material...

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the characteristics required for the respective task. So our work begins where the laser beam leaves the source“, explains Stefan Werkl, Head of Optical Technologies at WILD GmbH. The systems partner develops and manufactures lens systems that modify the beam accordingly, ranging from laser mirrors and prisms to laser beam expanders or splitters, laser windows and „For the prototypes already available, we have develo- laser filters. ped an optics concept that meets the tight tolerances (divergence > 35 degrees and beam alignment < 3 New laser scanner generation degrees) at signal generation...

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VISION AND COMPREHENSION. It takes an enormous bandwidth of know-how and a special production environment to develop and manufacture precise optical measurement instruments. WILD has acquired both over decades. Optical measurement technology is considered the „It is also important to test optical measurement systems shooting star among the measurement methods of according to the intended application and to develop the fourth industrial revolution. Increasing automation corresponding final tests that can be documented in a demands one thing in particular: valuable data providing traceable...

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THE FUTURE IS TAKING SHAPE. Additive manufacturing has heralded a technology reform in several sectors. The AM Austria technology platform is instrumental in determining which opportunities will emerge from this reform in Austria. Additive manufacturing technologies have become The process chain of additive manufacturing indispensable in all of those areas where parts with requires great know-how complex shapes need to be produced quickly and Its optomechatronic competences, combined with its more cost effectively and then marketed on an indi- longstanding laser technology know-how, make...

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CE MARKED. The F5000 Med fibre optic LED light source is now available with CE marking. LEDs are increasingly becoming the dominant lighting „It is successfully used in medical endoscopy, surgical solution. Their diverse range of applications and apparent microscopy, in-vitro diagnostics and phototherapy, and is simplicity may lead to the false conclusion that safety available both as a complete device and as an F5000 Med- characteristics play a subordinate role. Especially with M module for OEM applications. Interchangeable adapters regard to the CE marking of medical products, however,...

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