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Blizzard Bubble Gum - 2

The advantages of applying the Flow Pack system to the candy, chewing gum, bubble gumand toffee markets are now well known and highly appreciated around the world. Because PFM packs are airtight, aromas or smells cant escape and the product wonҒt dry out.Flow Pack PFM means: > ? Extended Shelf Life of the product without changing its taste or aroma. > ? Larger printing surface. > ? Easy-to-open pack. > ? Ultramodern technology: TREE EXISTING PATENTS and enhanced productivity ofPFM machines.PFM: a complete, specialised and highly reliable range of machines offering the answersto all flow...

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Blizzard Bubble Gum - 4

Detail of the Cutter, (PFM Patent). Flow Pack High Speed packaging machine to make packs withthree seals starting from a flat reel of hot or cold seal wrapping material.?Speed: up to 1,800/2,000 candies a minute, up to 1,600 piecesof bubble gum a minute.?Vibration-free, super-compact and very easy to cleancantilevered construction.?Electronic operation driven by 4 brushless motors with a directelectronic axis: maximum operating precision, easy programming and on-line diagnostics with remote connection.?Crossways sealing unit consisting of 2-4-6 crimpers per shaftmade from a single block of...

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Blizzard Bubble Gum - 5

The Mistral is a horizontal flow-pack wrapping machine which produces at highspeed hermetically closed seals from a flat reel of heat sensitive wrapping material. High speed wrapping: thanks to the long dwell,continuous flow,transverse sealing system, the Mistral reaches packaging speed of up to 140 packs per minute with the Long Dwell version (pat.PFM) and 400 packs per minute with the Long Dwell HS version. Ease of cleaning:the Mistral has a cantilever type construction.This means the various mechanical and electronic parts are situated at the rear of the machine in separate and protected...

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Blizzard Bubble Gum - 7

To cut bubble gum or toffee cord from the extrusion andpre-rolling line into uniform pieces.?Speed: up to 1,600 cuts a minute. ?Three rollers with second and third variable speedroller: perfect product cord pulling and excellent elongation compensation.?Cantilevered construction: very easy to clean inevery visible or hidden point.?Cutting unit with balanced titanium levers withonly two (upper and lower) cutting blades that perform an elliptical movement (PFM patent): clean and attractive absolutely perpendicular cut, perfect weight, no production waste, easy to clean.?Double side swivel to...

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Blizzard Bubble Gum - 9

High Speed Long Dwell Round, square and oval HardSweets, Chewing Gum,Bubble Gum, Toffee. Round, square and oval HardSweets, Chewing Gum,Bubble Gum, Toffee. Granular Products, Sweets Hard Sweets: 1.800/2.000Chewign Gum: 1.000/1.200Bubble Gum: 1.500/1.600Toffee: S.T. Up to 1.100 Up to 150 > Type of Infeed: Loading Disk, 90 Cutter, In-Line Cutter. Loading Disk, 90 а Cutter, In-Line Cutter. Linear Weighers, Multihead Weighers,Volumetric Dosing Systems, HivedCalculation Systems Laminated or bondedpolypropylene and polyethyleneor High Speed cold-sealablematerials Laminated or bondedpolypropylene...

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