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Vacuum for life

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Vacuum technology surrounds us everywhere in our daily lives - although we are often not aware of it. Many products which we take for granted in our lives could not be made without vacuum, which has become a part of our contemporary lifestyle. No matter what age we are, vacuum technology is everpresent in our daily lives. Infant formula for a baby bottle is freeze-dried under vacuum, and the microprocessors in the consoles that young people play games on are also manufactured under vacuum conditions. In our working lives, we encounter this technology in computers, smartphones and tablets,...

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Where does happiness come from?

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As we look forward to retirement, we want to enjoy a full and active life. Sometimes we may need some extra help to age gracefully after working many years. And all these, would not exist without vacuum. In medical technology, vacuum is needed for things such as leak testing pacemakers and for plasma sterilization of surgical instruments. Without vacuum technology, the compatibility of implants could not be guaranteed, and it would not be possible to use them in the human body. Processes like leak detectors such as the ASM 380, HiPace 80 turbopumps and dry ACP Roots pumps. Eyeglass lenses...

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Happiness is found in small moments. A turbo rotor rotates up to 90,000 times per minute – the leading edge blades of the rotor move as fast as the speed of sound.

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How do we know that it's love? Drinking water

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Nothing in the world is more important to us than our family – that's why we do all we can to safeguard the wellbeing of our loved ones and devote ourselves to look after them. Vacuum technology is an invisible helper in our quest. drinking water is tested with mass spectrometers. These analysis instruments conduct measurements in vacuum. Our PrismaPro® mass spectrometer, for instance, can be used to analyze water. Kitchen faucets are vacuum coated with scratch protection and finishing layers. Roots pumping stations such as the ones in our this purpose. refrigerators is tested for...

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Our products are manufactured with an accuracy of 1/100 mm. By the care we take in our actions.

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In our working life, we encounter a wide range of everyday products that require vacuum in production. Not only at our place of work, but also on our way there: Microprocessors that are used in modern communication devices such as smartphones or PCs can only be produced under vacuum conditions. These processes use systems such as ADPC systems to monitor and remove process contamination. The insulation glass used in glass-fronted buildings, such as office blocks, is vacuum coated with layers of heat and sun protection, as well as coatings influencing light permeability to provide privacy....

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Ultra-clean conditions are needed to manufacture semiconductor components – we detect particles of up to 0.1 µ.

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Plastic bottle How do we become driven to do something?

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Gaming, learning, communicating, chilling out – young people today use digital media increasingly in their spare time thanks to modern communications. Vacuum is essential for this and other forms of entertainment. are manufactured under vacuum in cleanroom conditions. The screens on these are also coated in a vacuum. Tablets, for example, can be provided with touchscreen features. Process pumps from the ATH-M turbopumps, for example, make this possible. Food packaging such as potato chip bags are vacuum coated with flexible barriers. These increase their shelf life by preventing moisture...

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vrav iiMii Because the world deserves new ideas!    * We manufacture to the highest standards. Only state-of-the-art technology is used in our manufacturing processes

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Where will the present lead us? LED light Painted surfaces

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Mobile and flexible – these are features that describe our hectic lifestyle. No matter whether at home or at work, modern forms of transport are here to stay. They need vacuum to even work at all and to get us everywhere safely. Helium leak detection is used to test the airtightness of a wide range of different auto parts. Gas tanks, air conditioning hoses, airbags, and injection systems are all subjected to leak testing. In fact, complete helium leak testing systems may be used for this purpose. The LEDs used in the headlights of cars and bicycles, and in auto dashboards and fittings, are...

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Our leak detectors identify holes that are far smaller than a human hair Into a world of mobility. Worldwide.

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Games console What´s everyday´s life?

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It's not just the way we communicate that is affected by new media. What we do in our free time is also changing more and more over the course of time – and not only for the youngest generation. Vacuum plays a decisive role in manufacturing these products: games consoles contain billions of transistors that are produced under vacuum. LED flatscreens also incorporate electronic semi- conductor components. They are manufactured using, for example, HiPace and ATH-M turbopumps and dry process pumps from the A4 range. DVDs, blu-rays, and hard-disks are vacuum coated with layers of metal, using...

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Even in the design phase, our experts work on the principle of precision, quality and exact tailoring to the customer's needs! Experience innovations!

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Behind all of this, there's Pfeiffer Vacuum. Coated glass Thermos flask

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Games console Wrapping paper

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VACUUM FOR LIFE products crafted each day by Pfeiffer Vacuum staff with the maximum precision and care. Our solutions are used globally All this is made possible thanks to for numerous applications in widely ranging systems. For 125 years now, our name has served as a guarantee for high-end vacuum technology, a high quality comprehensive solution, and first-class service. Thanks to close collaboration with our customers and our continuous focus on their needs, we are constantly optimizing and expanding our portfolio. Therefore even in the future, we will always be able to provide our...

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