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CombiLine™ Proven solutions for Roots pumping stations More advice. More competence. More than just vacuum.

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Proven solutions for Roots pumping stations More advice. More competence. More than just vacuum. Freeze drying Space simulation Transformer drying Insulating vacuum

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Customized solutions In many applications, pumping station combinations that are for your application specially tailored to the process are used. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers an extensive range of vacuum pumping stations to satisfy these diverse requirements. This consists of various pump combinations and is supplemented by suitable components, valves and gauges. If our standard solutions do not fit your application, we will configure together with you an appropriate solution from our extensive product portfolio. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a broad range of Roots pumping stations that feature...

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What is a pumping station? Pumping stations are combinations of individual pumps. They can include the following major components: ■ Roots pumps ■ Rotary vane pumps ■ Turbopumps ■ Dry pumps ■ Liquid ring pumps ■ Cryopumps ■ Diffusion pumps ■ Gauges ■ Analytical equipment ■ Tube lines ■ Valve technology ■ Pumping station control systems (including PLC versions with visualization) In addition to these components, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of accessories to equip your specific CombiLine pumping station. Real added value for you! We provide you with individual support, we train...

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Typical applications ■ Electron beam welding ■ Space simulation ■ Freeze drying ■ Insulation vacuum ■ Leak detection systems ■ Coating (load/load-lock chambers) ■ Vacuum furnaces ■ Steel degassing ■ Distillation ■ Oil purification ■ Drying applications such as transformer drying or lithium-ion batteries

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Roots pumps Roots pumps of the HiLobe and OktaLine series can be tailored with different pumping speeds and versions to perfectly meet customers’ requirements. These pumps require a backing pump that is suitable for the application and is adjusted to the gas flow. The gear box and bearings of Roots pumps are separated from the gas pumping chamber. The frictionless pumping action of the pistons means that dry operation is assured. These pumps are therefore ideally suited for low and medium vacuum applications. They are frequently used in chemical and process engineering, the coating and...

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OktaLine ATEX – the explosion-proof pump OktaLine – the proven allrounder OktaLine – the proven allrounder The Roots pumps of our established OktaLine series are available in very large pumping speed ranges and characterized by high compression in the end vacuum. Due to many years of experience with our allrounder, we can offer a wide diversity of model variants and a full range of accessories that enable us to configure pumps for your individual process. Thanks to the proven convection cooling system, cost-intensive water cooling is no longer necessary. They can optionally be equipped with...

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Backing pumps Rotary vane pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps have been the most popular pumps for generating low and medium vacuum for many years now. They are very durable and robust. Rotary vane pumps belong to the family of displacement pumps and convey a virtually steady lowpulsation volume flow, irrespective of the type of gas used. They work on the principle of an eccentrically supported rotor revolving in a housing and have two or more movable gate valves. Every Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pump is oil-lubricated. Special operating fluids are responsible for insulating and...

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DuoLine - two-stage rotary vane pumps HeptaDry - the dry alternative DuoLine - Two-stage rotary vane pumps can be operated in the pressure two-stage rotary vane range between 100 hPa and 3-10"2mbar. Pumps belonging to the pumps DuoLine series cover a pumping speed range of 1.3 to 250 m3/h. Their long lifetime and pumping speed, irrespective of the gas used, are the outstanding properties of these pumps. They are available in a standard version with a shaft seal for use in straightforward applications. DuoLine pumps with a magnetic coupling dispense with the need for shaft seal maintenance....

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Pumping station control CombiLine pumping stations can be equipped with various control options. These different options allow easy integration of the pumping stations into your system. Variants of pumping station control with OktaLine The CombiLine pumping stations with OktaLine Roots pumps are available with a control cabinet mounted on the frame for controlling the pumping station. A central electrical connection via terminals in the control cabinet (plug and play solution) is required on the customer’s side. Different options of pumping station control with HiLobe CombiLine pumping...

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We promote sustainable solutions Energy-saving and durable Integrating modern HiLobe Roots pumps is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to increase the efficiency of pumping stations. In addition to a long service life and operational reliability, these pumps feature motors with energy efficiency class IE4. Thus they significantly contribute to reducing operating costs and also, in particular, energy use. Thanks to the sophisticated ventilation concept of the HiLobe, complex water cooling can also be dispensed with, thereby saving resources and reducing your operating costs....

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Pumping station overview CombiLine™ RU Roots pumping stations CombiLine™ RD Roots pumping stations HiLobe™ with HenaLine™ single-stage rotary vane pumps ■ Ultimate pressure of up to 3 ■ 10"2 mbar ■ Cost-effective solution ■ Metallurgy, load locks, helium leak detection, electron beam welding These pumping stations are typically used for helium leak detection. With the use of the HiLobe, they also play an important role in the rapid evacuation of load lock chambers for the insertion and removal of components, but also for electron beam welding and surface coating. HiLobe™ with...

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