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Mass Spectrometer - PrismaPlus

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The precise solution for mass spectrometry. Modular design. Powerful software. Wide range of applications.

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The precise solution for mass spectrometry. The combination of high sensitivity, maximum stability and intelligent operation make the PrismaPlus the perfect solution for mass spectrometry. Its modular design offers you a variety of application options in industrial and analytical environments, in research & development, in leak detection and semiconductor production, as well as in coating technology. The PrismaPlus is the ideal solution for applications ranging from quality assurance and residual gas analysis right through to complex, quantitative tasks. The Quadera® software is a further...

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Modular design offers optimum adaptability Compact size yet high performance A variety of interfaces make for simple systems integration Networkable through Ethernet High measurement speed, stability and resolution Interchangeability of analyzers and electronics Two filaments mean maximum up-time Lowest detectable partial pressure 1 · 10-14 hPa (mbar) Connectable Pfeiffer Vacuum total pressure gauge Intuitive operation of the Quadera® software World-class support and worldwide on-site service

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The precise solution for mass spectrometry. Overview of technologies Biased ionization chamber Biasing the ionization chamber results in an extremely low background signal. The electron-emitting filament is positively biased relative to ground. This design prevents desorption of gas particles from the chamber walls, and thus the generation of an undesired background signals by electron stimulated desorption. Field-axis technology One of the most important factors in the performance of a mass spectrometer is the transmission of the ions from the ion source into the mass filter. With the aid...

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Quadera® – The PrismaPlus® software! The Quadera® software is a further plus. With its modular design, it offers an easy-to-read, user-friendly platform for capturing and visualizing measured data and parameter records. Complete measurement procedures can be programmed. User-friendly, intuitive operation Customer-specific user interface Automated measurement routines via the integral VSTA script editor Measured data interchange through I/O module With stored library: Containing many common gases Simple definition of measurement recipes Mass spectrometer data can be linked with external...

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Measurement modes Bargraph portrayal of the ion current and its curve as a function of time Leak detection with helium – Visualization as a function of time Analysis of air as ion current and concentration as a function of time Measurement of different masses vs. time. Display as partial pressure in mbar.

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Order matrix PrismaPlus PT M0a bcd efg Detector version Faraday1) only for leak detection and high-vacuum residual gas analysis C-SEM/Faraday C-SEM = Continuous Secondary Electron Multiplier for fast, sensitive UHV residual gas analysis,analytical applications and leak detection Ion sourche Open ion source for high-vacuum residual gas analysis; high sensitivity and good linearity Gas-tight ion source for use in combination with gas inlet systems; low gas consumption, high signal-to-noise ratio Crossbeam ion source2) for direct gas beam inlet, without interaction with the walls of the ion...

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The precise solution for mass spectrometry. Technical data PrismaPlus Detector Mass range Rod system, diameter/length Min. detection limit, Faraday1) Min. detection limit, C-SEM1) Ar sensitivity, Faraday1) Ar sensitivity, C-SEM1) Max. operating pressure2), Faraday operation Max. operating pressure, C-SEM operation Contribution to adjacent mass (40/41)1) Operating temperature, analyzer Operating temperature, electronics Bakeout temperature, analyzer3) Connection flange Resolution at 10 % peak height Measurement speed, analog/bargraph scan Measurement speed, Stair Measurement speed, MID...

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Electronics unit QME 220 0° or 90° connection Analyzer QMA 200 Faraday, C-SEM/Faraday SP 220 power supply including power cable Applications The PrismaPlus is the optimal solution for leak detection, residual gas analysis or complex, quantitative analyses: Metallurgy Vacuum furnaces Accelerators Sputter process analysis Semiconductor production Differentially pumped PrismaPlus for processes between 1 · 10-7 and 8 hPa (mbar) Glass coating Research & development Vacuum process systems Lithography plants PrismaPlus on a residual gas analysis system

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I/O module – Connection options Number Specification Resolution Application examples Analog outputs 4 0–10 V 12 bit • Measured values, e.g. ion currents • Ratios (concentrations) • Data transfer to higher-level systems Analog inputs 5 -10 – +10 V 14 bit Reading in external values, e.g. pressure, temperature, gas flow Digital outputs 16 Vout = 24 V – • Free assignment of switchpoints • Valve actuation Total pressure measurement with ActiveLine Digital inputs 5 Vin = 24 V – Starting or stopping measurement tasks by means of external signal Total pressure measurement with DigiLine® Cable...

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Crossbeam ion source * Gas-tight ion source = 90.6 Grid ion source = 92

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VACUUM SOLUTIONS FROM A SINGLE SOURCE Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide, technological perfection, competent advice and reliable service. COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS From a single component to complex systems: We are the only supplier of vacuum technology that provides a complete product portfolio. COMPETENCE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Are you looking for a perfect vacuum solution? Please contact us: Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH Headquarters · Germany T +49 6441 802-0 All data subject to change without prior notice. PK 0087 PEN (December 2016/5) Benefit from our...

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