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Mass Spectrometer - HiQuad

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HIQUAD® New high-end mass spectrometer! Fast, flexible and easy to operate.

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New high-end mass spectrometer! Fast, flexible and easy to operate. A modular solution for mass spectrometry With the new HiQuad® mass spectrometer, Pfeiffer Vacuum combines high perfor­ ance, flexibility and ease of operation. m As a stand-alone unit, the HiQuad® can be optimally integrated into your application. Depending upon the application in question, it is possible to select: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Mass ranges Rod diameters Ion sources Detectors Interfaces This mass spectrometer achieves extremely high measurement speeds of up to 125 µs/amu. It is characterized by the highest sensitivity and...

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■ Modular, flexible design ■ Simple operation with Quadera® software ■ Extremely high measurement speed ■ Maximum sensitivity and wide dynamic range ■ Outstanding long-term stability ■ Ethernet interface ■ Integral Internet browser and OPC server for communicating with PC-based programs

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Wide dynamic range Very fast measurements can be performed with the HiQuad® mass spectrometer. This example shows the mass spec response during respiration analysis. N2, O2 and CO2 were detected with a very fast cycle time. This scan shows a spectrum for air. In addition to the primary components, consisting of N2, O2, Ar and CO2 even minute concentrations of Xe are detected. The ion current at mass 136 is equivalent to a concentration of 7.8 ppb of Xe in air. And it is decades above the background noise level, enabling a wide dynamic range of 10 decades to be achieved.

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Overview of technologies Biased ionization chamber Field-axis technology Mass filter Biasing the ionization chamber results in an extremely low background signal. The electron-emitting filament is positively biased by 100 to 150 VDC relative to ground. This design prevents desorption of gas particles from the chamber walls, and thus the generation of an undesired background signal by electron stimulated desorption. One of the most important factors in the performance of a mass spectrometer is the transmission of the ions from the ion source into the mass filter. With the aid of field-axis...

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The Quadera® software serves as the interface between the mass spectrometer and the user. It excels as a result of its simple, intuitive operation. Repetitive measurement tasks can be automated by setting recipes and through the macro programming routines. ■ Predefined recipes available, e.g. spectrum, trend, bar graph ■ Easy-to-read mass spectrometer system presentation ■ Automated measurement routines via the integral Visual Basic script editor ■ Adaptation for special applications thanks to interchange with other programs Main window Tools, aids The measured data are shown in the center...

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It is possible to display mass spectrometer data together with external data, such as temperature, sample weight, etc. The example in the illlustration shows coupling with a thermobalance. Ei®K bfiOOG MmumwI i#» upw HQj*d r rrrwrtfin    I. ,y* fmijcni    On fOVTE/TnEM 111 0,r IF' FM F rant vr.rj1 H in l» 02 Fw £ twt L^C41 b JOfiflMOW Oi 1010 PH E -w* Cw» H gw wn^ai MMtMi vwrJ 505123! f rsaapn hmad nri d tilt 500231 iPjecjpe "Scan* Parted Different user-defined views of the same measurement can be displayed simultaneously. 1 Signal vs. time. 2 Bargraph scan of different masses.

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Dimensions, technical data Dimensions QMA 400, QMA 430 with 90° off axis SEM QMA 410 Dimensions in mm Technical data Detection limit, min. Sensitivity for Ar, min.11 Operating pressure, max. Partial pressure ratio with Analyzer Rod system, material/diameter Radio frequency generator (RF) Electrometer preamplifier Operating temperature/analyzer Bakeout temperature/analyzer21 Connection flange 1) Faraday in deflection unit, standard resolution, cross-beam ion source with magnet, emission 1 mA 2) With magnet, max. 300 °C 3) Stability < 0.1 % in eight hours, contribution to adjacent mass number...

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Order number structure Only available in this configuration: PT Q11 031 110 – Axial ion source – Cross-beam ion source – Cross-beam ion source with magnet – Gas-tight cross-beam ion source – Gas-tight cross-beam ion source with magnet – Grid ion source e – Detector and high-voltage power supply

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Selection aid - Typical applications and solutions PTQ1 Applications General gas analysis Particle-beam and general gas analysis Analysis of gases or gas mixtures; for trace analysis; less residual gas influence than with open ion sources UHV residual gas analysis, desorption measurements 11 With tungsten filament only a - Analyzer/mass range The combination of analyzer and RF generator defines the mass range. The smallest suitable mass range for the application should be selected. The larger-diameter, precision-manufactured rod system affords improved transmission and higher sensitivity. -...

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Detector and high-voltage power supply 1 1, 3 f - Preamplifier and ion counter - EP 422: Fast, sensitive preamplifier - CP 400: Ion counting down to 1 count per 10 seconds, wide dynamic range d - Filament - Tungsten: For UHV applications - Yttriated iridium: Low temperatures, high resistance to air inrushes - Rhenium: For residual gas analysis e - Detector and high-voltage power supply - SEM 217 + HV 701: Secondary electron multiplier in combination with a high-voltage power supply for detecting positive ions - SEM 217 + HV 702: For measuring positive and negative ions - SEM 218 + HV...

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VACUUM SOLUTIONSFROM A SINGLE SOURCE Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide, technological perfection, competent advice and reliable service. COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS From a single component to complex systems: We are the only supplier of vacuum technology that provides a complete product portfolio. COMPETENCE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Benefit from our know-how and our portfolio of training opportunities! We support you with your plant layout and provide first-class on-site service worldwide. Are you looking for a    Pfeffer Vacuum GmbH perfect vacuum...

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