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Dry compact Multi-stage Roots pumps - ACP 15 / 28 / 40

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ACP 15 / 28 / 40 Dry compact Multi-stage Roots pumps. Clean vacuum. High reliability.

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Dry compact Multi-stage Roots pumps. Clean vacuum. High reliability. The multi-stage Roots pump technology of the ACP series meets the requirements of applications where clean and dry vacuum is needed. No particle contamination The frictionless pumping module is optimized to operate without internal lubricant and provides outstanding oil-free vacuum with no hydrocarbon vapor back treaming. Without s any seals between rotor and stator no particles are generated. High reliability The absence of wearing parts inside the pumping module allows for unsurpassed long-term stability and high...

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■ Best solution ■ Air cooling ■ Frequency converter ■ Several gas port options ■ Universal power supply ■ Standards - Ideal replacement for scroll and oil-sealed pumps - No installation and operational costs for water supply - Hour meter, remote operation mode (RS-485, dry contacts, multiple rotational speed selection (power saving, noise reduction, adaptation to application cycle) - Purge gas, gas ballast, other specific ports according to application - Wide voltage supply 50/60 Hz single-phase and three-phase - Compliance with CE standards, UL/CSA certified, SEMI S2 certified

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Dry compact Multi-stage Roots pumps. Clean vacuum. High reliability. Typical applications of ACP pumps Analytical instruments Electron microscopes Surface analyzers Leak detectors Mass spectometers Optical spectrometers R&D Particle accelerators Turbo pumping stations Laboratories Industry Lamp manufacturing Vacuum coating Cryo pumps regeneration Plasma cleaning Drying Load-lock Specific applications need special solutions R & D applications (HiCube pumping station with ACP 40) Special versions have been developed for: Helium recirculation in a closed-loop Backing turbopumps in UHV systems...

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Several versions for a wide range of applications The SD version is designed for applications that require pumping of clean (dust-free) and non-corrosive gases. Standard pumps are equipped with a gas ballast device to improve pumping of light gases and avoid vapor condensation inside the pump. Three gas ballast options are available to satisfy customer needs. 3 1 Permanently open inlet filter 2 Manual gas ballast knob (open/close) 3 Blanked-off (closed by plug) Version for corrosive gases (ACP 15G / ACP 28G / ACP 40G) The G version pump is compatible with traces of corrosive gases. Three...

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11 Maximum values obtained after minimum 1 hour of pump warm up time 2) 5,000 sccm for ACP 15; 3,700 sccm for ACP 28/40 3) relative nitrogen pressure 300 mbar PFEIFFER^ VACUUM

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— ACP 15 — ACP 28 — ACP 40 Pressure drop (volume = 1 m3)

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Dry compact Multi-stage Roots pumps. Clean vacuum. High reliability. 207 (8.2) 485 (19) 1)3-phase versions are shorter and smaller. See technical specification table. 2)CV versions are wider due to the side mounted external silencer. 309 Inlet DN 25 ISO-KF for ACP 28 Inlet DN 40 ISO-KF for ACP 40 Gas line supply R1/4” connector (ACP G)

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Example: V5SATSMFEF 11 R is the only option for three phased pump 21 R is the only option for G version Versions Inlet/Exhaust Motor Frequency converter Power cord Gast ballast SA: SD version GA: G version GV: CV version K: UK A: US S: Switzerland J: Japan (1 cable LV only) E: Europe Z: Without R3): 3-phase (without plug) M: Manual (On/Off) B4): Blanked F: Permanent filter (mesh) V5): Manual (On/Off) (CV version) H5):Permanent filter (CV version) F: Rubber feet R: Wheels SAExample: V6SATSFEMF 3) R is the only option for 3-phased pumps 4) B is the only option for G version 5) V or H are the...

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Dry compact Multi-stage Roots pumps. Clean vacuum. High reliability. Accessories Inlet particle filter Inlet particle filters will prevent solid particles from entering the ACP pumps. For ACP 15 and ACP 28, the suitable filter is IPF 25: ■ Inlet/exhaust ports: DN 25 ISO-KF For ACP 40, the suitable filter is IPF 40: ■ Inlet/exhaust ports: DN 40 ISO-KF Filtration threshold: 25 pm Inlet particle filter Order number IPF 25 IPF 40 Replacement cartridge for IPF 25 Replacement cartridge for IPF 40 External silencer Use of the external exhaust silencer ES 25S will significantly reduce the noise...

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Noise reduction covers NRC 15 and NRC 28/40 reduce ACP noise levels significantly. Noise level reduction from 5 to 6 dBA: NRC 15 for ACP 15 NRC 28/40 for ACP 28 and ACP 40 Max. ambient temperature: 35 °C An additional pipe extension is required for each port to connect accessories when NRC is mounted.1) 1) Pipe extension, centering rings and clamping rings have to be ordered separately. Noise reduction covers NRC 15 NRC 28/40 Pipe extension DN 25 ISO-KF Pipe extension DN 40 ISO-KF Sound enclosure kits are the appropriate solution for operating ACP pumps in even the most quiet environments....

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VACUUM SOLUTIONS FROM A SINGLE SOURCE Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide, technological perfection, competent advice and reliable service. COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS From a single component to complex systems: We are the only supplier of vacuum technology that provides a complete product portfolio. COMPETENCE IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Benefit from our know-how and our portfolio of training opportunities! We support you with your plant layout and provide first-class on-site service worldwide. Are you looking for a Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH perfect vacuum...

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