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Contamination Management Solutions

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CONTAMINATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Perfect solutions for airborne molecular contamination management and particle contamination monitoring

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CONTAMINATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Large portfolio of tools for various in-line FOUP analysis: AMC tracking, FOUP leak check. Contamination challenges Contamination such as particles or molecules can impact devices with or without packaging during the manufacturing or storage operations. With more than 10 years of experience in contamination management, Pfeiffer Vacuum provides innovative monitoring and containment solutions that are used notably in the following fields of application: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Microelectronics Optics Display manufacturing Photovoltaics Pharmaceutical industry Our...

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Customer benefits Collaborative customer-oriented solutions Highly skilled team with worldwide knowledge and experience in contamination management Innovative and high-performance equipment From R&D to production High throughput (25 FOUPS/h for APA 302 LD) Upgradeable tools (latest analyzers, particle counters) Tool communication with se

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APA 302    Sub-ppbv levels of contamination such as acids can degrade process performance and decrease product yield. Fab airborne molecular contamination (AMC) requirements have been defined, but AMC at the equipment and FOUP level needs to be understood and defined as stated by the ITRSff The APA 302 is a unique patented solution to monitor and track in-FOUP AMC in a production environment with or without wafers. APA range can be considered as a technical platform offering different technologies for AMPC monitoring. The following options can be added according to customer needs: 11 ITRS:...

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APA 302 S    Equipped with two load ports, the APA 302 S is designed to track and monitor AMC in FOUP down to sub-ppbv levels. FOUP can be processed manually or automatically by semi fab automation. Measurements are displayed and stored for each FOUP locally. Threshold management can also be activated and sent to semi fab host. Customer benefits    ■ Upgradeable tool: Cabinet and LabInFab options. APA 302 S    ■ Small footprint under OHT1) Customer benefits ■ 26 U of room for analyzers ■ Space under OHT1) 1,300 mm ■ No FOUP modification needed ■ Throughput > 16 FOUP per hour (with full...

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Pod Analyzer with cabinet option In-line FOUP monitoring and airborne molecular contamination tracking APA 302 C (Cabinet) version This solution is specifically designed for semi fabs willing to add more analyzers for extra compound monitoring. The room available on this frame can manage up to eight extra analyzers. Customer benefits The cabinet option can be assembled onto existing APA 302 tools. Can integrate a large portfolio of analyzers Room available = 30 U 1 standard 19“ analyzer (NH3) = 4 U PTR MS analyzer = 23 U

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Pod Analyzer with LabInFab option In-line FOUP monitoring and airborne molecular contamination tracking APA 302 LF To go further in molecule identification, the APA 302 LF option enables the fab operator to safely trap FOUP and wafer contamination on site which can be analyzed in a second step with best-in-class instruments (chromatography etc..). Customer benefits LabInFab configurations Automatic compounds trapping systems Production tool with R&D options Number of traps per FOUP 4 (standard) Sampling flow per trap Up to 1,500 sccm Ease of use & sampling reliability Automatic leak test...

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Pod Analyzer with large capacity of analyzers integration. In-line FOUP monitoring and airborne molecular contamination tracking APA 302 L is especially designed for semi Fabs that wish to monitor a large variety of compounds. Designed with the same footprint under OHT as APA 302S, APA 302 L offers a big capacity for analyzers storage. (up to 88 U) The FOUP can be processed manually or automatically by semi fab automation. Measurements are displayed and stored for each FOUP locally. Threshold management can also be activated and sent to semi fab host.

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OHT: Overhead Hoist Transportation (automatic loading through fab robot) Acids and VOC monitoring with APA 302 L for process qualification Space under OHT1) 1,300 mm High throughput > 16 FOUP per hour 88 U for analyzers Small footprint under OHT1) Could gather up to 20 analyzers Customer benefits Process 2 generates less acid and VOC contamination Higher yield obtained with process 2: in

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Pod Analyzer In-line-FOUP monitoring for leak detection tracking APA 302 LD version The APA 302 LD is an advanced platform that analyzes FOUP air tightness. This is important to prevent wafer contamination from particles and AMC (e.g. humidity, compounds) to enter inside a FOUP. As most advanced fabs use N2 purge, the APA 302 LD can also ensure purge efficiency.

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Clean Room FOUP Contamination Process Customer benefits Measurement principle FOUP qualification (old and new) Control FOUP aging Ensure a good N2 purge efficiency Space under OHT1) 1,343 mm Conductance Range: Low range recipe: 0.1 up to 5 l/s High range recipe: 1 up to100 l/s High throughput > 25 FOUP per hour No FOUP modification needed SECS-GEM communication Threshold management. OHT: Overhead Hoist Transportation (automatic loading through fab robot) The conductance leakage of a FOUP door is linked to the pressure curve. The pressure decay recipe is split into four steps. 1. 2. 3. 4....

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AMPC RANGE Ambient Multi Port Controlling Clean room, equipment front end module monitoring (EFEM) AMPC Airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in IC fabs is known as the major factor of yield loss. To control and understand where contamination comes from, Pfeiffer Vacuum now brings a unique solution to the semiconductor market to monitor clean rooms as well as EFEM (Equipment Front End Module). Customer benefits Real-time compound measurement (acids, bases, organic compounds) Innovative software to manage sampling lines priority, quality check (QC) and alarms 96 samplings lines gathered...

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