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Water Jet Cutting Machine PEG-1530


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Water Jet Cutting Machine PEG-1530 - 2

Ultra-high pressure five-axis water cutter machine, the maximum pressure of 400Mpa, long-term stability of the use of pressure for the 360-380Mpa, ultra-high pressure host air-cooled, aluminum alloy beam. Five axis high pressure water cutter machine CNC cutting platform for the gantry, (X, Y, Z) on the basis of the addition of two rotating shaft (A axis and B axis), in the processing of stone and ceramic parquet is free to polish, directly assembled, adjust the angle of 0 to ± 10 °. This water cutter machine can cut in the range of ± 10 ° cutting angle at any angle in the marble, tiles and...

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Water Jet Cutting Machine PEG-1530 - 3

♦ 1 .When the high pressure water cutting head of the water cutting machine control at 0-4 °, the two pieces of the workpiece to complete the cutting can be achieved on the surface without cracks, the next surface of the gap effect. This eliminates the need for manual secondary grinding process, in order to improve efficiency ♦ 2.This water cutter machine can reduce processing costs, improve the environment, and then create a clean parquet, improve quality. ♦ 3.When it works, the water cutting machine is no longer rely on reducing the high pressure water cutting speed to achieve a more...

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