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PEDK-13090 - 1

PERFECT LASER tiing Machine

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PEDK-13090 - 2

Product Features 3.High Quality of Laser Beam Good Quality laser beam, long lifespan LCD Panel, Offline control, Computer BMP, HPGL, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXF,DXT Easy operation, VCD Training, Trouble Free

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PEDK-13090 - 4

Machine Configuration

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PEDK-13090 - 5

Product Feature Advanced LCD Screen control board + USB port+offline control Can work with computer and connect to U disk, USB communication. 128M Memory can store files in the machine such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw etc. 2. Front and Back Running-Through Design Suitable for super-length material process, such as a roll of fabric. 30-50mm height, can make materials from front into back side, easy to put material through.

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PEDK-13090 - 6

PERFECT LASER Imported aluminum material Honeycomb or Strip work table. Professional Working Table For Your Option Especially for fabric engraving which can absorb the fabric firmly. Thicken Strip Working Table for your option Specially used for cutting and for heavy and hard products such as acrylic, PVC board cutting. Customized Double Working Table Design for your different material engraving and cutting requirements.

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PEDK-13090 - 7

PERFECT LASER Professional Working Table For Your Option Imported aluminum material Honeycomb or Strip work table. Ladder-Shape Drawer Design Easily Collect and Getting The Cutting Object Laser Beam Stop when Opening Machine Cover We design a special function to stop the laser beam come out when operator open the machine cover. So that ensure operator won' t be hurt by laser beam, safe for operator. Other company don' t have such design, so it will hurt operator sometime when using it. (special design to ensure operator' s safety)

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PEDK-13090 - 8

PERFECT LASER Professional Working Table For Your Option Imported aluminum material Honeycomb or Strip work table. Working Table With Scale Design Easy for operators to check the position of material and improve the accuracy of engraving cutting so as not to waste materials. Red light pointer can realize the exact position of laser for invisible laser. We Do Strict Testing for Each Laser Tube We will test every laser tube before using them, in order to make sure the performance of laser tube and it has nice laser facular.

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PEDK-13090 - 9

Professional Laser Engraving & Cutting Software 0

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PEDK-13090 - 10

PERFECT LASER Key Parts of Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine Taiwan Imported high precision Linear Guide Rail High speed and accurancy with lower noise & long life span. Helps laser head move smoothly and laser beam reflect with high accuracy Taiwan Made Ball Screw Rod The motorized up and down table adopt Taiwan "Hiwin" brand ball screw rod and linear running guide rail which can improve the precision and accurancy of the machine. Laser Power Supply Can supply sufficient laser power to the laser tube. With 5 years long-life span and stable performance.

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PEDK-13090 - 11

Water Chiller with Alarm Protection CW-5000/CW5200 Water Chiller with temperature display, which can avoid over burning, to protect the water circulation from electricity-off. Laser Tube in lOOOOhous lifetime Lifetime: 10000 hours, Warranty Period: 10 months, Power: 60W / 80W / 100W / 130W /150W / 170W Mirror and Lens USA Imported Focus Lens and reflect mirror, high efficiency and steady

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PEDK-13090 - 12

PERFECT LASER Professional Working Table For Your Option Reflector mirror holder Focal Length adjusting Parts easy to find the center of the lens and find the right focal distance. High Speed Stepper Subdivision Driving Control System Numeral timing, simulation quantum control laser power, little error, repetition high precision,free of maintenance. Ensures the possibility of realizing extreme precise positioning, Makes moving positioning mechanism operate smoothly,

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PEDK-13090 - 13

PERFECT LASER Professional Working Table For Your OptionShanghai FULONG Brand Transforming Belt Contains metal material in the rubber belt, so it is fasten and not easy to loose after even 5 years using. NOTICE I n* operator* are forbidden i<» love the spot when the machine a working in order to avoid (ire accident 2( ,lwk un wbcalhcr (here it water out tro.n tire divm* pump every tunc alter the machine it on.OpctntinR the machine without water out from the pump it tinctly prohibited 1o operate the machine without grounding it ttrictly prohdnted the earth wire ot the later power Hipply mint...

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PEDK-13090 - 14

Optional Device UP-Down system Professionally Design for lift and lower the worktable for thick 20mm material and round object including auto focus system.

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PEDK-13090 - 16

Packing & Shipping

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PEDK-13090 - 17

* 12 Months Guarantee * 7-10 Days Lead Time * VCD Training, Easy Installation * 12 Hours Response * TT/Western Union / Paypal / Ali Trade Assuranc Payment * Sea Shipping Q: What' s the package? A: We have 3 layers package. For the outside, we adopt wood craft case. In the middle, the machine is covered by foam, to protect the machine from shaking. For the inside layer, the machine is covered by thickening plastic bag for waterproof. Q: Will the package damaged during transportation? A: Our package is considerate all the damage factors and make it to be safe, and our shipping agent have full...

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