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PE-CUT-A5 - 1

Ugh! Gantry IVne CNC Plasma CutUng Machine for Sheet Metal Model:PE-CUT-A5

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PE-CUT-A5 - 2

Product Description £ Perfect Laser company specializes in researching and developing production and sales of plasma metal cutting machine for more than 20 years, which has become a well-known CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers. Our company has strong technical force and long-term accumulation of experience in production management, advanced machine and comprehensive range, 3-10 days can be shipped. This light-type gantry CNC plasma metal cutting machine is combined with three kinds of technology, including computer control, mechanical transmission and gas cutting. The light-type...

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PE-CUT-A5 - 3

♦ I.Ho deformation for a longtime: Using the square tube weld the structure beam and after stress relief treatment, with high rigidity, high precision, light weight, small inertia, small inertia, to which ensure that the machine will not be deformed after a long period of time, and has a good assurance both on brand and quality., ♦ ZStable operation: Using highly precised gear rack drive, Taiwan imported linear guide, Germany imports planetary gear reducer, the longitudinal driving frame are arranged on both ends of the horizontal guide wheel, can adjust the compaction degree of the...

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PE-CUT-A5 - 4

Configuration list Rail distance(mm)

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PE-CUT-A5 - 5

Samples Perfect Laser (Wuhan! Co., Ltd. Email: Tel: 0086-27-86791986 Fax: 0086-27-86775865 Address: HengRuiChuangZhi Technology Park,No 13 YangQiaoHu Road, Jiangxia Dist,Wuhan, China

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