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WirelessHART® - 1

Minimizing expenditure. Maximizing convenience. Simplifying operations.

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WirelessHART® - 2

Automation is our world. A perfect application solution is our goal. A willingness to take entrepreneurial risks, a pioneering spirit, and a firm belief in their own inventive powers – these were the assets that Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs started out with when they opened their Mannheim radio repair shop in 1945. Their invention of the proximity switch a few years later proved their strength. It was also the starting point in a successful history defined by close customer relationships as well as innovative automation technologies and procedures. Then as now, our focus is directed...

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WirelessHART® - 3

Life Cycle of WirelessHART Networks 14

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WirelessHART® - 4

WirelessHART Overview Minimum Effort. Maximum Flexibility. Measurement points that are difficult to access, mobile plant equipment, or mobile process equipment – wherever cable connections are too complex, WirelessHART is the technology of choice. It combines wireless communication with the benefits of HART technology, allowing extensive network structures to be established. All Pepperl+Fuchs WirelessHART products are interoperable with all registered WirelessHART products.

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WirelessHART® - 5

WirelessHART Overview Self-healing and highly available Fast commissioning, easy maintenance, trouble-free operation – WirelessHART is less complicated than almost any other technology. Secure, wireless communication is also ideal for hazardous areas and allows network structures with up to 250 subscribers. A highly efficient alternative to laborious cable installations. If a data path for the signal transmission fails, WirelessHART always has an alternative. Messages that are incomplete or do not arrive are resent to the same subscriber. If the trans­ mission still fails after a specified...

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WirelessHART® - 6

Wireless Networks. Worldwide in Any Environment. WirelessHART is used as an economical alternative to complex and costly cable installations, regardless of the industry in question. The impressive technology offers simple upgrading of existing field devices and uses new intelligent WirelessHART field devices. Operation is trouble-free and user-friendly. Efficient solutions for complex requirements Typical applications for WirelessHART include: Whether in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or oil and gas industry, WirelessHART networks are used throughout the processing industries. Wireless...

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WirelessHART® - 8

Perfectly Coordinated. The Products. If you need flexibility, mobility, and efficiency, WirelessHART networks are the ideal solution. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a portfolio of perfectly coordinated products to shift communication away from cables and toward new wireless channels. An economical alternative to costly complex cable installations, WirelessHART adapters, gateways, and field devices make it simple to upgrade. WirelessHART gateway: center of communication The WirelessHART gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs is the core element of wireless mesh networks. The network manager decides when the...

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WirelessHART® - 9

The WirelessHART temperature converter has two analog connections to connect resistance thermometers and thermocouples. This allows the temperature of connected devices to be monitored reliably. The WirelessHART discrete I/O has digital inputs for NAMUR sensors or mechanical switches. These allow the direction of rotation, the frequency, or the limit levels to be monitored. The discrete I/O also has digital outputs; these allow apparatus such as valve position controllers, low-power piezo valves, motor switches, and pumps to be controlled for the first time. The breakaway time and run time...

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WirelessHART® - 10

Application Examples Continuous Monitoring of Water Levels Measuring the Fill Level  If measuring equipment is positioned in areas that are difficult to access, establishing a connection via a WirelessHART adapter is the ideal solution. This allows reliable and efficient monitoring – without complex wiring. Application In process automation, different measuring procedures are used to monitor the fill levels of large processing and storage tanks. The measuring equipment often has to be positioned at height and in places that are difficult to access. In these circumstances, wiring is often...

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WirelessHART® - 11

Application Examples Portable Mixing Tanks Flexibility is a must in state-of-the-art portable applications: here, mixing tanks are a regular part of production and handle all relevant processing steps – from mixing to heating and cooling of the product. Application Mixing tanks often serve as preparation containers, material buffers, or as stores for dosed products. They are frequently used in safeguarded procedures that are subject to special monitoring processes. Therefore, the tanks are typically equipped with 4 mA … 20 mA HART-compatible sensors that control the drive speed of the...

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WirelessHART® - 12

Efficient Planning. Precise Simulation. Precise planning and reliable simulation are vital in establishing large WirelessHART networks. Pepperl+Fuchs has developed the Wireless Network Checker (WiNC) software for this purpose. This 3-D tool means it is possible to model plants in accordance with the ambient conditions and to run simulations under real conditions. This considerably shortens the time required for commissioning and optimizes how the devices are used.

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WirelessHART® - 13

WiNC Modeling (WiNCMod) WiNC Simulation (WiNCSim) 3-D models of plants and buildings are created easily and pre­ cisely with WiNCMod. The level of detail can be selected to meet requirements. Anything can be represented, from simple shapes to complex structures. Even existing plans can be imported easily with WiNCMod. WiNCSim accurately simulates the propagation of radio waves and the connectivity between each network node. This allows different network designs to be simulated in less time, and the number of required repeaters can be precisely determined. Not only does this save time and...

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WirelessHART® - 14

Life Cycle of WirelessHART Networks Step by Step. Custom-Made Tools. The right tool in each phase. Whether planning with 3-D simulation or proactive maintenance: Pepperl+Fuchs supports the entire life cycle of WirelessHART networks with the right tools. Offline engineering messages/warnings in the web interface or DTM Convenient offline editing in the DTM Parallel use of planning services with offline editing of the network reduces planning time and costs Simple and fast simulation Plan and model the plant Simulate the plant under real conditions Graphical network diagnostics Complete...

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