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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 2

Technologies that fit your application Pepperl+Fuchs is a leading international developer and manufacturer of industrial HMI products for hazardous areas. Our HMIs fill a very unique niche in the process automation industry. Operator workstation and component development is focused on solving the environmental challenges and obstacles presented by taking HMIs into hazardous areas. Many technologies are supported from simple direct monitors, monitors with integrated KVM extenders, industrial PCs, and thin client-based remote monitors. Pepperl+Fuchs was the first to introduce hazardous...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 3

Contents VisuNet EX1 Panel PCs Zone 1/21 Remote monitors Zone 1/21 VisuNet GMP Non Ex GMP Zone 2/22 GMP VisuNet XT VisuNet IND VisuNet Edge Div. 2/Zone 2 and Non EX workstation Div. 1/Zone 1 workstation Customized solutions Aseptic wall mount and inwall Inwall aseptic workstation Wall mount aseptic workstation VisuNet panel mount solutions Display monitor with IS touchscreen Div. 2/Zone 2 panel mount Non Ex panel mount Zone 1/21 panel mount Mounting hardware Arm mounts, pedestal mounts, and wall mounts Peripherals Division 2 KVMs and hazardous location keyboards and barcode...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 4

VisuNet — insightful solutions Every VisuNet HMI solution is built upon our commitment to innovation and process safety. From a network remote monitor, to a fully enclosed custom operator workstation, each unit has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of real-time process control: globally certified units for Zone 1 and 2 and Division 1 and 2, longevity, high performance, and trusted protection. Depending on your facility and networking requirements, you can select a communication technology from our family of industrial solutions so that each workstation is a perfect fit for your HMI...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 5

PC — MONITOR WITH INTEGRATED PC n Network compatible or stand-alone n ow power consumption and heat generation with the Intel® Atom™ L or high performance with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or Core™ i7 This is an industrial-grade PC and monitor with full PC computing capabilities operating as a stand-alone solution. The VisuNet panel PC uses standard Ethernet networking, USB, and serial connections. The high availability of the VisuNet IND is achieved by our rugged industrial designs and the high-performing Intel family of processors. Our fanless design increases system reliability and prevents...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 6

VisuNet EX1 VisuNet workstations are designed for use in harsh and hazardous industrial environments. The VisuNet Ex1 is certified for operation in Zone 1/21. The stainless steel enclosure surface is sanded to a smooth (RA < 1.2 µm) finish and all welds are ground smooth and polished. An optional antimicrobial extended keyboard with various pointing options is available, including a glove-friendly resistive touchscreen. VisuNet industrial panel PCs provide an extremely versatile solution for the rigorous requirements in production control or connecting to plant automation systems. The...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 7

VisuNet GMP VisuNet GMP operator workstations are constructed to meet the visualization needs of the Life Science Industry’s process automation. Designed for applications under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, its slim-line stainless steel housing offers a suitable finish (RA≤ 0.8µm) with no gaps or horizontal areas for easy cleaning. All material is nonabrasive and tested to withstand a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents. As the operator interface to the process automation DCS or MES systems inside the production area, the VisuNet GMP monitors are often also used in...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 8

VisuNet XT The VisuNet XT PCs outperform the extreme conditions encountered while exploring for and extracting fossil fuels. The XT is used primarily in outdoor applications where harsh environments are the norm. It’s suitable for the rig floor or anywhere an extremely rugged panel PC is required. The housing is constructed of lightweight marine-grade aluminum and has a polyester resin powder coat that withstands salt spray and a wide range of chemicals. n ortable and field maintainable P n tate-of-the-art design dissipates heat without the S use of cooling fans n ptically bonded, sunlight...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 9

VisuNet IND VisuNet IND workstations combine one of our four core communication technologies with our sleek housing. This workstation is a sealed enclosure without vents or fans. The angled surfaces are designed to prevent standing liquids after washdown or other cleaning operations. Available in 316L stainless steel or painted mild steel, all connectivity is accomplished through a rear junction box. n lobally certified for ATEX Zone 2 and Class I, Div. 2 G n lim, 3” (86 mm) deep enclosure S n anless design F n ngled surfaces to prevent standing liquid A n vailable in stainless or painted...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 10

HAZARDOUS AREA VisuNet Edge The Edge workstation is our most adaptable solution. A universal indoor/outdoor, all-weather watershed housing makes this an ideal solution for a large variety of industrial operator workstation needs. It is especially well suited for washdown areas. An antimicrobial and chemically resistant keyboard with various mouse options completes the workstation. ■ Div. 2/Zone 2 ■ Non Ex ■ Sloped enclosure for washdown and proper drainage ■ Field maintainable ■ Available in 19” (48.3 cm) and 22” (55.8 cm) displays ■ Easy customization -supports user-specified PCs and thin...

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VisuNet HMI Workstations & Components - 11

Our visualization products are used throughout the world in environments ranging from industrial to hazardous and corrosive. By engineering and manufacturing a complete solution in our facilities, we control the quality of the visualization products. Our Division 1/Zone 1 Edge units are built with a fully integrated Bebco EPS® purge and pressurization system (Ex p). ■ Div. 1/Zone 1 ■ Bebco EPS® ■ Watershed angled enclosure is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has chamfered edges and drip rails for washdown or outdoor moisture runoff ■ Available as a standard solution for Div. 1 and...

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