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Driving innovation. Achieving flexibility. Improving simplicity. Ultrasonic All Stainless Steel Sensor UMB800 Your automation, our passion.

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UMB800 - 2

All Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Sensor: Innovation for Hygienic and Chemical Applications Excellent in extreme conditions – the UMB800 diffuse mode sensor convinces in terms of hygienic design and maximum robustness. The sensor is optimized for detection and measuring tasks in product contact zones in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, the UMB800 offers high availability and durability in harsh machine environments of process plants. Innovation from the Technology Leader in Ultrasonic Sensors As technology leader in the field of industrial ultrasonic sensors,...

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UMB800 - 3

Compact and Easy to Integrate EHEDG-Compliant, Tool-Free Mounting With a diameter of 18 mm and a length of just 55 mm, the extremely compact ultrasonic sensor is particularly easy to integrate into systems. The operating distance of 800 mm combined with a very small dead band allows the detection range of the sensor to be used to its maximum potential. The extended temperature range of –25 °C to +85 °C allows reliable detection and distance measurement even under difficult conditions. Not only the UMB800 itself, but also the mounting fixture con­ sisting of high-quality stainless steel and...

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UMB800 - 4

Perfect Performance in the Product Contact Zone Sensors that come into contact with the product must meet specific requirements for their integration, robustness, and cleaning. The compact UMB800 can also be easily mounted inside containers. Its high chemical resistance ensures the highest reliability and enables residue-free cleaning. In addition, proven CIP and SIP processes can be maintained unchanged, both in food as well as in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Reliably Detect and Safely Package Food Products Shorter Cleaning Cycles for Increased Availability When food products are packaged...

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UMB800 - 5

Process Safety when Dispensing Tablets, Capsules, and Granules Perfectly Adapted to GMP-Directed Pharmaceutical Production Before they are packed in blister packaging or poured into bottles, free-flowing pharmaceutical products are often temporarily stored in hoppers on the machine to ensure a constant supply in the packaging process. Being able to detect when the mini­ mum fill quantity is reached is just as important as preventing a container from overfilling at the product supply area. The compact UMB800 detects and measures fill levels and limit levels directly in the hoppers....

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UMB800 - 6

Extremely Robust – Even with the Most Aggressive Media The most extreme conditions prevail in the chemical industry. Aggressive vapors, corrosive gas emissions, and moisture in the air place high demands on automation components. The UMB800 withstands all these harsh environments. Its particularly robust design ensures a long service life and maximum availability during these processes. Presence Monitoring in Automated Coating Processes Presence Detection on a Conveyor Belt Before metal parts can be coated or painted, processing resi­ dues containing oil and fat must be removed from the...

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UMB800 - 7

Highly Resistant and Perfect for Retrofitting Maximum Resistance Ensures a Long Service Life Regardless of whether it is used for level measurement or part detection, the UMB800 is – due to its hermetically sealed design – absolutely resistant to direct contact with chemically aggressive media. Also acid vapors or cleaners in hygiene applications cannot harm the sensor. With its compact design and the tool-free mounting flange, the sensor is also easy to integrate as part of a machine modification or retrofit. In addition to reliably detecting objects or measuring distances, the appropriate...

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UMB800 - 8

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